Hidden Leaf Village Things

Hidden Leaf Village is a anime/manga location
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Asuma's Chakra Blades

Chakra Blades are a pair of customized trench-knives used by Asuma Sarutomi. Made of a special metal that allows him to pass his chakra through them and increase the cutting power.

Bingo Book

A Bingo Book is a special book that lists the names of various rogue ninjas across to Shinobi World. It acts as an assassination list.

Evil Hair (Fūka's Hair)

This evil hair was a appeared as a source of Fūka's soul. It was later then killed by Naruto.

Forehead Protector

The Forehead Protector is worn by all official ninjas of a specific village. It is a cloth headband with an engraved metal plate bolted on. The engraving marks the region of the ninja.

Sword of the Thunder God

Sword of the Thunder God is a legendary chakra sword that was thought to of been used by the Second Hokage.

Three Colored Pills

The Three Colored Pills are a ninja tool specially passed down through the Akimichi Clan.

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