Hidden Grass Village Locations

Hidden Grass Village is a anime/manga location
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Heaven and Earth Bridge

Located in the Hidden Grass Village, the Tenchi Bridge is where Sasori arranged to meet up with Kabuto, his spy. Team Seven learns of this and sets up a trap to hopefully catch Orochimaru. Orochimaru shows up and the bridge is destroyed during the ensuing battle.

Kannabi Bridge

Located in the Hidden Grass Village, this bridge was a vital supply point for the enemies of the Hidden Leaf during the Third Great Shinobi War. Team Minato was given a mission destroy the bridge and the events that followed led to its destruction and Kakashi receiving the Sharingan.

Orochimaru's Grassland Hideout

Orochimaru's Grassland Hidehout is one of many hideouts of Orochimaru. This one is located in a dried-meadow somewhere near the Hidden Grass Village. It was here that he was in hiding and trained Sasuke for some time.

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