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Gintama (2006 - 236 Episodes)

An animated adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi's manga of the same name, debuted on TV Tokyo on April 4, 2006. Since then, 4 seasons plus a few OVA's have been released.

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You guys!! Do you even have a silver soul? (Part I) てめーらァァァ!!それでも銀魂ついてんのかァァァ!(前編) (Temeraaaa!! Soredemo gintama tsuiten no kaaaa (zenben)) 04/04/2006
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You guys!! Do you even have a silver soul? (Part II) てめーらァァァ!!それでも銀魂ついてんのかァァァ!(後編) (Temeeraaa!! Soredemo gintama tsuiten no kaaa! (kouhen)) 04/04/2006
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There are no bad guys among those with natural perms 天然パーマに悪い奴はいない (Tennen pāma ni warui yatsu wa inai) 04/11/2006
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Jump sometimes comes out on Saturday, so be careful ジャンプは時々土曜にでるから気をつけろ (JUMP wa tokidoki doyō ni deru kara ki o tsukero) 04/25/2006
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Make friends you can call by nicknames even after you become an old man ジジィになってもあだ名で呼び合える友達を作れ (Jijii ni nattemo adana de yobiaeru tomodachi o tsukure) 05/02/2006
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