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Hetalia: Axis Powers is an anime series in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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America's human name is Alfred. Alfred likes hamburgers and Softdrinks to no end and can consume them at the speed of light, enjoying the fast food found disgusting by most other nations. He considers himself the 'Hero' in every situation, using all of the other nations as his awesome support. He takes the leadership role, even if others object. England and France tend to disagree with him the most, but most often England. Alfred is an Allied Power.


Austria is seen as a father/master figure in Chibitalia being mean to North Italy, and is eventually betrayed by everyone that he knew except North Italy and Hungary. In the Hetalia series, Austria ends up become a 'wife' of sorts to Germany, sewing his clothes and such. Austria plays the piano quite often and is quite good at it. In one episode germany upsets him and he remarks that he'll demonstrate his anger in a piano song, after playing he asks if Germany understands and Germany remarks with, "So you're anger is Chopin?"


Belarus is Russia's younger sister and is the only one capable of frightening the hulking Russian. She has a crush on him and acts as his creepy stalker. He is terrified of her and she is obsessed with the idea of marrying him, often chanting 'Kekon' at Russia.


China is an Allied Power. He can set up a town anywhere, and in the series has one on the deserted island that the Axis Powers get trapped on, supplying them with food and such.


England's human name is Arthur. England used to care for America until the Revolutionary period in history, and now disagrees on ever point with the American. He also disagrees with the Frenchmen, Francis. England is an awful cook, having no taste what-so-ever. England is an Allied Power and is not contented with Alfred trying to be the hero.


France's human name is Francis. France is the pervert of the series, going for both boys and girls. He likes wine and likes to touch anything he considers beautiful, people included. In all honesty, Francis is quite the molester. He is an Allied Power. Francis is a fabulous cook as well.


Germany is the most serious character is Hetalia, as well as the most strict. Germany is the leader of the Axis-Powers group leading both Italy (who is more trouble than help) and Japan (who is an amazing ally). Germany likes potatoes mashed up and doesn't particularly seem to like Italy, only keeping him around because he's his only friend.

Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire only appears in the segment of Hetalia called 'Chibitalia' or Little Italy. He is one of Italy's older brothers and he falls for Italy head over heals. Some believe that he grows up to be Germany, who doesn't remember, but some disagree.


She is the character that represents the country, Hungary. She has a violent side when Austria is threatened because they seem to be close. She is one of the few characters who knew of Italy's true gender when he was young. She is not usually violent. Evidence of this is shown when she received a message from God to hit France with a frying pan. She hesitates at first when hearing this. However, when she sees that France tries to make Austria a territory, she falters in her judgment, but she does not hit France.


Japan is a quite serious character, being one of the only non-western countries, Japan is unused to most of their customs. He is very formal with the other nations and definitely the most calm and collected character, although naive. Japan is an Axis-Power.


The character that represents the country of Lithuania. He is the oldest of the three Baltics and somehow always ends back up under Russia's rule. He also seems to be close friends with Poland.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is actually the 'main character' in Hetalia, being the one reffered to as Hetalia. He is best friends with Germany (Doitsu) and is on the Axis-Power's side along with Japan. He is a foolish boy who likes pasta, art, and pretty girls.


The character who represents the country Poland. He talks with a valley girl like speech pattern. He is close friends with Lithuania and has an odd crossdressing hobby.


Russia's human name is Ivan Braginsky. He seems cute and harmless at first, but as the series continues you discover he is not so innocent and he is actual quite malicious. Russia is quite the sadist and in much larger than most of the other countries. Owning the countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Russia is implied to torture them. Ivan is an Allied Power. He is terrified of his younger sister, Belarus, and adores his elder, Ukraine. The Ukraine is the one who gave him his beloved scarf when he was very young.


The character that represents Spain. He raised South Italy when Romano was a child. Although fond of children, Spain had difficulties with Romano and sometimes wished Austria had given him Italy instead. Make no mistake, he is affectionate towards Romano.

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