Hetalia Axis Powers Characters

Hetalia Axis Powers is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 4 anime series, 1 manga series
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Alfred Jones, representant of The United States of America during WW2.


The anthromorphization of Austria in the anime/manga Hetalia: Axis Powers.


One of the characters in the anime / manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and an anthromorphization of Belarus, the country.


The personified representation of the country Canada, from the series: Hetalia Axis Powers.


The human representation of the country China in the anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers. Shown to have good art skills and raised Japan like a little brother.


Arthur Kirkland is the man that is representing the United Kingdom during World War 2.


He is the second oldest of the Baltics and perhaps the luckiest of them. He is an "older brother" figure of Latvia.


The personification of the country Finland, featured in Hetalia Axis Powers.


The human representation of the country France in Hetalia: Axis Powers


A character representing Nazi Germany during WW2. As befits his country, he is tough, efficient, and very serious. He is only character that was not given a surname to go with his human name.


The character that represents Greece. He likes cats, sleeping, and gets along with Japan. He hates the country Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Holy Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire only appears in the "Chibitalia" segments of the anime and manga adaptations of the Hetalia: Axis Powers franchise. He has not appeared in present times since he left Italy to go to war.


One of the characters in the anime / manga Hetalia: Axis Powers and an anthromorphization of Hungary.


A personification of Japan during WWII. He is a quiet, hard-working person who is easily shocked by different cultures. China found him when he was just a small, new country and raised him like a little brother. He is shown to unsheathe his sword in times of danger.


The character that represents Latvia. He is the youngest of the Baltics and a subordinate of Russia.


She is adopted younger sister of Switzerland. After he found her in an alley and saved her from poverty, she tries to cut her hair to look more like Switzerland's. Although, her haircut led some people to believe that she must have been a boy. She then becomes self-conscious about her breast size, and Switzerland decides to buy a ribbon for her hair. She cares very much for Switzerland, and he in turn cares very much for her.


The character that represents the country of Lithuania. He is the oldest of the three Baltics and somehow always ends back up under Russia's rule. He also seems to be close friends with Poland.


Netherlands is a character from Hetalia.

Northern Italy

A character that represents Northern Italy during the second World War. He usually sings the ending song in the anime.


The character who represents the country Poland. He talks with a valley girl like speech pattern. He is close friends with Lithuania and has an odd crossdressing hobby.


The character that represents Prussia. He is the older brother and drinking buddy of Germany.


A character from Hetalia.


A character that is representing Russia/The Soviet Union Of Russia during World War 2. He may seem innocent, possibly friendly at first, but at times, he is shown to live up to the country's name; cold and brutal Russia.

South Italy

He is the older brother of North Italy and raised by Spain when he was a child. Unlike North Italy, he hates Germany and fears France.


The character that represents Spain. He raised South Italy when Romano was a child. Although fond of children, Spain had difficulties with Romano and sometimes wished Austria had given him Italy instead. Make no mistake, he is affectionate towards Romano.


The human representation of the country Sweden, featured in Hetalia Axis Powers.


The character that represents the country Switzerland. He has a temper, multiple guns, and he cares for his little sister a lot.


One of the few female characters in Hetalia, she is the human persona of the country of the same name.


The character representing the country Wales. Talks with a Roman accent. Closely related to England and is known for her similarity with Poland and Rome.

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