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HEROMAN is an anime series in the Heroman franchise
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One of MRL's top researchers who assists Doctor Minami.

Axel Hughes

An agent of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), a group that reports directly to the President. He is sent to Center City to investigate the mysterious events following the Skrugg's defeat.

Doctor Minami

A scientist who heads the Generas Industry weapon developing company, a front for the robotics research laboratory MRL.


The leader of the Skrugg army who came to Earth to strip the planet of it's natural resources after hearing Matthew Denton's space transmissions.


Originally a small toy robot that was smashed in the middle of the street, which Joey Jones picked up and repaired (and named). Unfortunately after the repairs, Joey left his window open and the toy got wet and then was hit by lightening. The result? The toy became an enormous robot.

Holly Jones

Joey's older sister who has her own rock band that was touring across the east coast. She canceled her tour to check on Joey after the Alien attack in Center City.

Joey Jones

A "useless" high school boy-- hard-working, caring, and impoverished --who one day gets his hands on a robot toy that becomes a full-size robot, Heroman.


Joey's best (female) friend and a cheerleader. Her brother and father are somewhat overprotective.

Matthew Denton

The science teacher of Center City Middle School and friend to Joey Jones. He is a alien otaku and was sending signals into space hoping to reach intelligent life but instead attracted the destructive Skruggs to Earth by accident.

Nicholas de Carlo

One of Will's friends who bullies Joey Jones. After he and Will try to sneak into the Skrugg's base they are captured and turned into Hybrid Skrugg. He actually enjoys having more power and refuses to be cured of his mutation.


Joey's best friend. Wields crutches for unknown reasons, and is somewhat protective of his naive pal.


One of MRL's top researchers who assists Doctor Minami.


One of the customers that comes to the Diner Joey Jones works at. He is basically a anime version of Stan Lee.

Vera Collins

One of the teachers at Joeys High School who teaches mathematics.


Doctor Minami's exclusive secretary.

Virginia Jones

Joey and Hollys paternal grandmother.

Will Davis

Lina's older brother and an American football player at CCMS. He bullies Joey to keep him away from Lina. He is later captured by the Skrugg and turned into one himself, with strength comparable to Heroman.

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