Hero Tales Characters

Hero Tales is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Hosei Meitoku

Hosei Meitoku ia an archer and a carefree hot-headed.


Keirō is a general of the imperial army, and leader of the Black Wolf Party. He wishes to be emperor of the Ken Empire.


Kocho is a subordinate of Keiro. A quiet and unsociable person.

Koyo Mougai

Koyo Mougai the lively leader of a group of sea bandits that enjoys cooking and make-up.

Laila Seiren

Laila Seiren is the daughter of Souei, and the only person who can stop Taitou from being recklessly.

Rinmei Shokan

Rinmei Shokan cooks for the temple Ryuukō and is concerned that she looks older than her age.

Ryuko Mouten

Ryuko Mouten is the adopted son of a master Rikka Sect and a horrible sense of direction.


Shimei is a follower of Keirou. He holds the demon sword of All-Seeing Eye.

Shokaku Choyo

Shokaku Choyo is the teacher of emperor Taigate, and a tactician who resorts to any means for the Ken Empire.


Soei is Taito's and Laila's father. A leader of Seiryutou and former member of the Imperial Army.


Sonnei is the high priest of Lotus Temple and former master of Souei. He's a master of the gaiden technique.

Taito Shirei

Taito Shirei is a head-strong youth and member of the Seiryutou based at Lotus Temple at Taishan.

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