Hero Complex

Hero Complex is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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Hero Complex A Dimensional Manga title

Hero Complex

Uncertainty has led Emi to a tragic and unfulfilled life. She remains dying not knowing how long she may have to live or why she has come to this point in her life. The doctors have no clue, other than, she will 'pass on'.

A wise spirit in the name of Kado shows her an almost seeming 'alternative version' of what's going on. Kado reveals the various layers of reality, saying that Emi's illness is down to spiritual matters. Her past life has 'imprisoned' her to 'death' in this life out of guilt, wanting to do the 'right' thing. Kado shows Emi how to clear her spiritual self out of this 'imprisonment' the doctors have called 'death'. It is also displayed to Emi that 'reality' itself is a 'living' organism of sorts. Emi is able to take full 'advantage' of this, as she has to work alongside the spiritual law enforcement agency, dealing with hi-tech criminals and spirits that are trying to destroy the world as we know it.

'Reality' allows Emi to see exactly where the enemies are and their every move or attack, seconds before it is done in real time. Emi's understanding has reached a heightened sense of life and reality. She questions the very fabric of society and everything in it. All that hold society and support it could be more the 'enemy' than the 'enemies' themselves...

"Whether being a hero actually encourages good to remain and be the way of the world or rather just an endless fight against evil.. I'm gonna find out."


Official Outline by Dimensional l Manga.

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Name: Hero Complex
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