Negima!? Neo #4 - Here Comes Trouble!

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 12/29/2009

Plot Summary

Negi Springfield is a true prodigy: not only is he a teacher at age ten, he's also a powerful magician! Negi's in charge of a bevy of beautiful girl students, which is a challenge even for a wizard. But Negi's job gets even harder when his childhood friend Anya joins his class. Anya's having a tough time fitting in with the other students—and an even tougher time accepting Negi as her teacher!

Based on the Negima! anime, this is a fresh take on the beloved Negima! story!

Chapter Titles

  • 15th Period: Heart-Pounding Transfer Student Panic!
  • 16th Period: Threatening With A Club!
  • 17th Period: Men Talking With Their Fists!?
  • 18th Period: We Want To Tell Him My Feelings!?
  • 19th Period: Three-Woman Typhoon!
  • Special Period: Anya's Go For The Holstein!!


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Ken Akamatsu writer,
Takuya Fujima artist,



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