Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero

Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero is an anime episode of The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons that was released on 07/09/2007
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Plot Summary

Saito takes his WWII-era Zero monoplane and manages to fly it back into present-day Tokyo. However, he feels saddened that he didn't take Louise with him. Suddenly, he wakes up in Louise's bed. Louise tells him that she's decided to treat him as more of a partner than a pet (yeah, see how long that pledge lasts).

Apparently, after the battle that concluded the last season of the series, Princess Henrietta has now become Queen, and Tristain will be holding a parade in her honor. Somewhere in a dungeon, the evil Cromwell sits in a cell until he ends up visited by a mysterious woman who wears the magical ring he formerly held. He wants to get out of the cell, but the woman decides to use the ring to kill him instead.

Later, Louise gives Saito a gift of magical glasses made by one of her sisters. Apparently, the glasses are set to beep whenever Saito thinks of another woman instead of her. This causes problems when he tries to say hello to the various female cast members ranging from Siesta to Tabitha and Louise responds by casting explosive magic at him. The male cast members are startled at first, but then simply dismiss Louise's actions as normal.

Louise and Saito later head to the market to greet Henrietta as she passes by. However, Saito's glasses react again, causing Louise to cast another explosive spell even though they are standing in a public place. (How she managed to not kill anyone thus far is beyond the ken of this editor.) For some reason, Saito ends up getting thrown in jail and finds himself staring down the barrel of a pistol held by the Queen's new bodyguard. Henrietta appears in the same cell, asking him and Louise for help against her enemies. Louise and Saito pledge to protect her, and briefly reconcile with each other, until Saito does something to piss Louise off again.

Next morning, the bodyguard runs into Tristain Academy to get Louise's attention, only to find her mercilessly whipping Saito in his underwear. After an awkward pause, she reports that the Queen has somehow disappeared.

Characters & Voice Actors

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