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Who Is Anime Vice, Really?

Anime Vice is run by WhiskeyMedia. Collectively, we run GiantBomb, AnimeVice, ComicVine.

Hey Anime Vice, How Should I Hit You Up?

If you're a publisher or distributor and you wanna send us your work for review or preview purposes, our mailing address is:

Send your mail to:
Anime Vice
921 Front St. Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94111

Direct your community questions to:

Direct your news, reviews and previews questions to:

Chris Schmitt aka (GodLen)
Tom Pinchuk aka (Tom_Pinchuk)
Matt Lopez aka (Boddington)
Matt Kessler aka (MattBodega)

Daniel Miesner aka (danielm)

How Can I Contribute to Anime Vice?

In addition to our World-Class, Best-of-Breed, Top-Shelf, AAA, Marquee Editorial Product, Anime Vice features a massive database powered by user submissions. Those submissions are subject to an approval system that involves heavy moderation for new or anonymous users that gradually opens up more options as the user contributes quality data to the site. It's like an RPG, except instead of grinding orcs, you're contributing to a great community of like-minded enthusiasts. How seriously awesome is that?

Until a user accumulates enough points (1000) to gain the ability to make live edits to the site, that user's submissions will go through a moderation queue that is monitored by the Anime Vice staff, as well as a team of volunteer moderators from the community. Our aim is to have new submissions moderated within 24 hours. You will receive a private message on your Anime Vice user profile once your submission has been approved or rejected, and a history of your submissions can be accessed at anytime from within your profile.

What are points, how do I earn them?

Points are awarded to users who submit quality content to the site. Each time any of your submissions are approved, you gain points. Accumulate enough points over time and you gain access to various abilities on the site, listed below:

under 1000 points

  • All submissions are sent to moderation

1000 points

  • You can make live edits to existing pages without need of moderation
  • Can request for new pages to be created, but those pages must still be moderated.

5000 points

  • Can create new pages without need of moderation
  • Can set the default image for a page (look for the ribbon icon)
  • Can remove images from an object

What are the most common reasons submissions are rejected?

  • Content is copied from another site (Wikipedia..etc)
  • The images you upload contain watermarks from another site
  • Poor grammar or spelling
  • You tried to add a page we already had, and didn't bother to browse for the page if it didn't show up in search.
  • You included custom formatting into a page that causes the layout to break

Hey, I Noticed You're Missing [insert page], What's Up With That?

Just like the universe, Anime Vice's database is always expanding, and while we are perpetually on the verge of cataloging man's infinite knowledge, there are always going to be some holes. Anime Vice divides its data into a few different categories, which you should keep in mind when making your submissions.

Add a Franchise

A franchise is the overall property, which can consist of anime series, manga series, novels, games, drama CDs, etc. For the moment we only have anime series and manga/novel series. So for example, within the Dragon Ball franchise you have the manga Dragon Ball, and the anime series Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.

Add a Character

The heroes, villains, and side characters. We have a single character page for each character within a franchise. For example, Gurren Lagann's Simon has both his standard TV anime self and his Gurren Lagann High School Version self described on his page, instead of having a separate page for each.

Add a Location

Any place, from the fantasy country of Magic Knight Rayearth's Cephiro to the club room for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's SOS Brigade, belongs here. While it's possible to have a mobile location, if its primary role is that of transportation, it should be an object.

Add an Object/Thing

Specific items, like the Core Drill in Gurren Lagann, can have their own pages. These can also be more general, such as Card Captor Sakura's Clow Cards. Objects include vehicles, weapons, and basically any piece of technology that lacks sentience.

Add a Concept

Anything that doesn't fit in the above and isn't a person or a company should probably go here. For example, Cosplay, Magical Girl, the Gurren Brigade, and Shinigami are all concepts.

Add a Person

Those lovely people whose names we all glaze over at during the credits. Each person should have at least one manga, anime series, or movie credited to them in order to have a page.

Add a Company

The people who pay the aforementioned! Companies include both Japanese and American companies, and they can be credited with the appropriate series by visiting that series and attaching the company as either the US publisher or the Japanese publisher. If you don't see a list of credits on the company page yet, don't worry-- it's high on the to-do list.

How to combine, delete or re-name pages.

Often you'll find pages that need to be combined, deleted or renamed on the site. Combinations and deletes are possible but can only be handled by someone with staff or moderator privileges. You can either contact us directly or leave a note on the Delete/Combine boards that describes the problem and we'll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Image upload best practices

Do not submit images with watermarks! Submit high rez images under 1 meg in size whenever possible.

  • Images can include box art, screenshots, concept art, fan art, and more. When uploading images, we strongly encourage users to either associate their images with an appropriate gallery, or create a new gallery when necessary.
  • Avoid adding images tagged or watermarked with other sites' URLs.
  • Do not upload nude images.

Article writing tips

Do not plagiarize content from other sites like Wikipedia. Anime Vice is a unique resource.

Overview - Main Article

  • The "deck" should contain 1-3 sentences that start with "Pagename is...". It should be historical and not topical.
  • The original creator(s) should be mentioned early in the article.
  • The main article should be written chronologically, with newer events at the bottom of the document. Imagine you're telling a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Page to page relationships (friends, enemies, teams)

  • All relationships cross reference. Adding Kaneda to Akira adds Akira to Kaneda as well.
  • Write the description about the relationship, not the individual!
  • Do not copy text from overviews. Write original content about the relationship.
  • Only add significant relationships. If there is no story to tell, there is no need for the relationship to be listed.

What powers Anime Vice?

Anime Vice is powered by an in-house, structured wiki platform designed specifically for and by Whiskey Media.

The "Whiskey Powered" platform benefits from the following open source technologies:

  • Django - A python based web framework.
  • Postgres - Database.
  • Solr - A java powered search engine based off Lucene.
  • MooTools - A JavaScript framework.
  • Sass - Sass makes CSS fun again.

Is there a Anime Vice API available?

It's in the works. We plan to provide free access to a large portion of our database for non-commercial projects.

Mandatory Network

Submissions can take several hours to be approved.

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