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Hellsing is an anime series in the Hellsing franchise
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weapons of Alexander Anderson


one of Alucard's guns


This object is a cross with the image of Christ crucified upon it. It is associated with Catholicism and viewed as a means of providing protection from demons.

Freak Chips

The Freak Chip is used in the hellsing series to implanet humans who have not been turned by a vampire. It then gives them powers simular to a vampire and in some cases even more powerful skills then expected.


the gun of Seras Victoria


The Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol known as Jackal. It is Alucard's specialized and personal firearm.


MGL stands for "Multiple Grenade Launcher" developed and manufactured in South Africa by Milkor (Pty) Ltd.

Microfiliament wires

razor wires inside gloves used by Walter C. Dornez

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