Convinced that Hellsing TV series OST is best thing ever.

Topic started by KaiokenKid on March 12, 2011. Last post by KaiokenKid 3 years, 11 months ago.
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Seriously, I think this soundtrack is not only my favorite of any Anime, but honestly some of the best music ever. All the songs have a distinct feel to them and their just so super cool to listen to. I really wish I can find more music by the composer, Yasushi Ishii , because i think the guy is super great. He even said himself that the lyrics in these songs are NOT suppose to be great or even make sense. In fact amny agree theya re mostly gibberish. Instead, he wished to have a musical soundtrack that just sounded super cool to listen to, and that it does.  
Honestly, me saying how great this is is surprising to me because I DONT understand the lyrics because I dont speak Japanese. But its just these songs have so much presense and awesome that they transcend that and its EASILY my favorite anime soundtrack, and honestly favorite music CD The song titles are bizzare and WTF, wtih such names as "Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song" and "Sould Police Chapter's Reverse Side Circumstance " but the songs themselves are simply fantastic pieces of music. For those that dont know, here are just a few of the great songs.  
And of course no great soundtrack is complete without Mr. Big.  
Anyway, for people that never heard this music before or whatever, what do you guys think? For those that have heard this music, do you agree?
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While I generally disliked Hellsing, I must admit the music was pretty original compared to most of the stuff we hear in most anime. It's a great combination of styles that amount to an awesome, sort of relaxed vibe that still totally fits with the themes and characters of the series. 
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I agree that the anime probaly isnt for everybody, but I still love it. It was actualy the first anime that I went out and read all the mangas right after seeing only a few episodes of the anime. I like the weird take on Bram Stroker stuff.  
I agree what you said about the music also. Thats why I love it, its original. Alot of anime has J pop kinda music for its soundtracks, which I like, but its great to see people go outside that. The soundtracks have a nice range of different stuff, from acoustic guitars to primal drums and eerie distortions.
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