Hello Ryo-Ohki-Chan

Hello Ryo-Ohki-Chan is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki that was released on 11/25/1992

Ayeka wakes up from a nightmare she has about Yosho and finds Ryoko up early in the morning looking for an egg in the wreckage of Ryo-ohki. Later in the day, Sasami manages to talk Ayeka into getting out of her room after several days and the two run into Ryoko and her egg. She says that she had the egg by starting a relationship with Tenchi who just walked in on the events, angering Ayeka. The egg hatches and turns out to be a new Ryo-ohki in cabbit form. Ayeka gets mad from Ryoko's joke and runs outside.

Meanwhile, Ryoko flirts with Tenchi in an attempt to try to know where he hid his sword which he gave to Ayeka which disappoints the eager space pirate. The newly hatched Ryo-ohki plays with Sasami for a little while and then phases out the door to try to comfort the depressed Ayeka. She rejects Ryo-ohki at first, but eventually grows attached to the cabbit. A little later, Ryo-ohki leads Ayeka to a part of the shrine where Tenchi is being given sword training by his grandfather. Ayeka notices the training style to be similar to that of Jurai's sword arts and is about to get Tenchi's attention until she trips and sprains her ankle.

Tenchi's grandpa has him bring Ayeka to a nearby mountain cabin out of a storm where the two remove some wet clothing. Tenchi tells Ayeka he has no romantic interest in Ryoko and Ayeka sobs over the fact that she may never find Yosho, but is cheered up by Tenchi. Afterward, he gives Ryo-ohke her first carrot. After the storm clears up, Tenchi and Ayeka walk to the Masaki holy tree which Ayeka discovers is the main engine to Yosho's spaceship, Funaho. Tenchi's sword activates Funaho's memory files which recalls Yosho's battle with Ryoko. Ayeka gives Tenchi back his sword. Ryoko and Sasami find the two. However, Ryoko doesn't stick around for too long when an insult from Ayeka gets her angry enough to teleport elsewhere.

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Ayeka Masaki Jurai ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Ai Orikasa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Etsuko Kozakura ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Takehito Koyasu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Masaki Kajishima Original Concept A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Hiroki Hayashi Director
Nahoko Hasegawa Writer Anime Writer
Seiko Nagaoka Music Seiko Nagaoka is a composer for music in anime.


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