Hello Baby

Hello Baby is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 2 that was released on 09/25/1994

Tenchi's aunt returns Sasami from a visit to her house as Tenchi says that on her next visit, she should bring the baby, Taro. The next day, Tenchi's aunt leaves Taro with Tenchi and the girls to watch for a few days as the mother is sick. The girls and Tenchi have a tough time trying to care for the little tyke, even for the love-competing Ryoko and Ayeka. At night, Taro crawls into Washu's lab where he's noticed after tugging on Washu's hair. She cares for Taro overnight and leaves him to the girls' care the next day. Washu can't focus on her work in the lab as she thinks about Taro.

When she walks out of the lab, the girls are already exhausted from caring for Taro so Washu takes him to the onsen where she imagines the tyke to be similar to a child she cared for in the past. While imagining this, Washu notices that Tero had done his 'business' in the onsen water and is forced to clean it up. Washu cares for Taro the next couple days enjoying the moments until Tenchi's aunt arrives to take back the baby. Washu grows sad from this and tries to hold back her emotions, but they are too great for her to deny.

Washu then reveals to Tenchi and the girls that she had a husband and both raised a baby boy. However, the husband belonged to a higher class and messengers from the man's family took him and the baby away from her because she was of a lower social class. Washu then says she would rather be an eternal child if life revolved around lineage and social status. As Tenchi is about to comfort her, he notices that she grew to an older age. Washu jokes about wanting to have another child, only if it's with Tenchi. Ryoko and Ayeka intervene in the conflict which starts up an argument between the two. Meanwhile, Sasami is witnessing the events from a window with a disturbed, scared look on her face.

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Kenichi Yatagai Director
Kenichi Yatani Director Director of the Tenchi Muyo OVA's 2 & 3.
Masaki Kajishima Character Artist/Designer A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Yosuke Kuroda Writer Anime Writer known as one of seven people who set up the company Studio Orphee.
Seiko Nagaoka Music Seiko Nagaoka is a composer for music in anime.


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