Hell Teacher Nube Characters

Hell Teacher Nube is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 2 anime series, 2 manga series
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Ai Shinozaki

A sixth grader from Class 6-5. Nube helped her by getting rid of a yokai that made eyes appear all over her body.

Akira Yamaguchi

One of Nube's students.

Ayumi Kinoshita

A young sickly girl Nube knew since he was in College. Feeling sorry for her he taught her youshin jutsu, an ability that allows her to separate her spiritual body from her physical one.


Originally a petrified mermaid Nube encountered and tried to revive. Eventually she came to life and wanted to thank Nube for reviving her by giving him some of her flesh granting him Immortality.

Hiroshi Tateno

One of the main characters of the Jigoku Sensei Nube series.

Izuna Hazuki

A High School Girl who is a Spiritual medium and friend of Meisuke Nueno (Nube).

Katsuya Kimura

Kyoko Inaba

One of Nube's students.

Makoto Kurita

One of Nubes students.

Mami Kuroi

A new teacher who applied at Domori Elementary who is a witch. Although she appears young she is really 28.

Masaru Kaneda

One of Nubes students and the bully of the class.

Miki Hosokawa

A troubkemaker in Nube's class. But is very helpful to Nube as he asks her for info on the occult, and supernatural. She later develops the ability to stretch her neck becoming a Rokurokubi.


The younger sister of the Oni Nube killed. She tried to get revenge for her brothers but failed. Nube was about to kill her but decided to let her live and became a student in his class.


A cat girl and Kappa mixed together. She tried to become a student in Nubes class but she was too hyper and annoyed most of the class. So she returned to the river she lived in.

Noriko Nakajima

One of Nubes students.


A 5th grade teacher who is also a skilled exorcist. He protects his students, and friends from ghosts, monsters, and demons with his demon hand.

Ritsuko Takahashi

One of the Teachers at Doumori Elementary. She is scared of many things and is usually the one to first see ghosts or monsters at the school.

Shizuka Kikuchi

One of Nubes students.

Shuichi Shirato

One of Nubes students.


A kitsune who goes after Hiroshi for his skull. After being defeated by Nube he decides to leave Hiroshi alone. He eventually becomes a real teacher and a ally/rival for Nube.


The offspring of Nube and Yukime. He was very mischievous and caused a lot of chaos the day after he was born. He also terrorized the students at Domori Elementary by freezing their pants, and skirts off for fun.


16-year old yuki-onna who Nube saved years ago from a hunter. Since then she has been following him and trying to win his heart.

Zashiki Warashi

A small child like Yokai that followed Nube around. It can also give luck to people just by being around her.


The younger brother of the Oni Nube killed. He came to the human world to get revenge for his brother.

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