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Hell Girl: two mirrors is an anime series in the Hell Girl franchise
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Hell Girl 2 corrects some of the major issues from Season 1. Reviewed by Dream on June 5, 2011. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
The second season of Hell Girl is a great improvement over the first season. While it is still marred with the repetitious developments with the victim and tormentor at a number of points, many of the character stories that Ai and her companions become entangled in are a bit more grey in their developments this time around. Characters among both victim and tormentor in many episodes for this season do come off as flawed this time around where the victim doesn't always come as righteous in their justifications of wanting to banish their tormentor and the tormentor does come off as having redeemable traits that do not make them off as a shallow baddie like many of the foes you would come across from the first season. Ai's three companions even get their backgrounds explored in this season as you get to know what their lives were like before being killed and meeting with Ai.

The character arc involving Takuma made for the best material I seen come out of Hell Girl thus far. It digs deep in exploring just how low people will go in caring for their own well-being, particularly with the suffering that the character of Takuma has to endure when things in his hometown get messy. This hits hard with Ai as the problems that Takuma is dealing with mirror her own tragic past and it pushes her to her breaking point, as well as creating some major developments for her character. The end result of the whole mess creates a bittersweet outcome that is sure to be a touching and worthwhile payoff for those that watch it.

Visuals to the series are about on par with the last season having gorgeous scenery and character designs that have a great amount of detail with some clever moments of animation coming from Ai and her companions tormenting the episode's antagonist though there are reused animation clips during Ai's banishing of the episode's antagonist.

This season is still not without its faults. Other than still being marred with its repetitious plot developments, some episodes still have antagonists with irredeemable traits and there isn't much that we get to learn of new character Kikuri when she joins up with Ai and her companions later in the series.

While still marred with some of the flaws that plagued it in the first season, Hell Girl: The Two Mirrors is still better in the quality of its plotting taking a more grey moral approach with exploring the tensions between victim and tormentor that Ai's group comes across, learning about Ai's three companions and an intense character arc that keeps you hooked on it from start to finish.
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