Hell Comes Silently

Hell Comes Silently is an anime episode of Burst Angel that was released on 04/06/2004
In a futuristic version of Tokyo, a young boy named Kyohei is riding on a white moped when he sees a criminal jumping out of a nearby building, followed shortly by a white-haired woman with guns. The criminal tries to shoot the woman, only to end up putting several holes through his bike. The woman responds by shooting the criminal.

Despite this incident, Kyohei somehow makes it to school. Kyohei's friend talks about an organization called RAPT and the fact that they somehow got a new law passed in Japan allowing anyone to carry a gun, with a side note that while "criminal apprehensions" have gone up, "arrests" have gone down. Apparently, this means that more criminals are being found and taken out instead of being arrested. Kyohei doesn't seem to care, though, and instead decides to look for a job when his counselor hands him a flier from someone asking for a new chef.

Kyohei waits by a street corner and gets picked up by a Chinese woman named Sei. He talks about how he wants to get the money to go to France and become a pastry chef, but Sei just wants him to cook for her girls. They drive up to a large RV, which apparently also serves as the home and office of her people. Kyohei meets the other girls, Amy and Meg. He also ends up meeting Jo, the white-haired girl from earlier, and starts wondering what exactly they do for work and why they'd need him. Sei says that they really do need someone to cook for them as an alternative to the cheap crap they've been eating.

As Kyohei steps out of the trailer to leave for the day, he ends up getting kidnapped by some suited thugs while the girls prepare to do a job for someone named Bai Lan. The job involves stealing one case full of cash and another containing a new computer chip. Meg and Jo swoop in to steal the case, but the thugs retaliate by revealing a tied-up Kyohei and threaten to kill him unless the girls surrender.

Suddenly, a giant "cybot" breaks through the wall, controlled by neither side, and takes the chip for itself while killing several thugs in its way. Then as Meg tries to help Kyohei cut loose from his restraints, she ends up getting grabbed by the cybot and held hostage (a position Meg will get into many, many times in this series) while Jo swears vengeance against it.

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Koichi Ohata Director A Man Synonymous with MD Geist and Genocyber


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