Heirophant Green

Heirophant Green is an anime episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that was released on 08/10/2000

Episode 2 (US) - " Hierophant Green "

Jotaro is attacked by another stand wielder, working for Dio, and after Holly falls into a coma, Jotaro and company set forth to hunt down Dio and destroy him once for all.

Episode Summary

Currently, at the Kujo (nee Joestar) household, everything appears to be returning to normal. Jotaro has returned to school (and being followed around by his fanclub). However, Holly has been experiencing strange pains, but has been covering them up. At school someone attempts to assassinate him with a stand, but he manages to save himself from certain death from falling down the steep steps by using Star Platinum.

The assassin then tries to take control of one of his fan club, and reveals himself as Noriaki Kakyoin, and his stand as Heirophant Green, which takes the form of a snake. He also reveals himself as loyal to Lord Dio, and that attacking his stand would hurt the possessed girl. Jotaro kisses the girl, and uses Star Platinum to draw the stand out. Jotaro and Kakyoin fight, and we learn that wounds inflicted by one stand on another appear on the Stand wielder. Kakyoin nearly ends the fight with his Emerald Splash attack, sending rapid fire shots of destructive energy at Jotaro, nearly knocking him out.

Jotaro recovers, and the two sides briefly exchange their philosophies (Jotaro's “being protect the weak” and Kakyoin's being “the strong should rule”), before returning to combat. Jotaro, enraged by Kakyoin's worldview, defeats Kakyoin (and his Stand) with a flurry of punches (Jotaro's signature “Oraoraoraoraora” attack). Jotaro takes the mortally wounded Kakyoin home, where they discover that a “Bud of Flesh” created by Dio has been implanted in him.

By means of explanation, Avdol recounts an encounter with Dio in Egypt several months prior, and explains that the Bud of Flesh allows Dio to control people who have been implanted with it, and that they will similarly invade the minds of anyone who tries to remove them. Jotaro attempts to remove the bud anyway. In the process he has a flashback to his great-great-grandfather's battle with Dio. Finally, Star Platinum removes the bud and Magicians Red destroys it.

Their triumph is short-lived – Holly passes out and becomes comatose. Her own Stand had become too much to her and overwhelmed her system. Her only hope for survival is for our heroes to destroy Dio, before it's too late. Kakyoin identifies the fly as being Egyptian, from the Aswan portion of the Nile. Kakyoin insists on coming along, partly out of gratitude, and partly to get revenge against Dio. Before they depart, Avdol formally names Jotaro's stand “Star Platinum.”


Several new Stand abilities are revealed in this episode.

Stand (Character)

Appearance & Abilities

Heirophant Green (Kakyoin Noriaki)

Appears as a green man and as a swarm of snakes. Can mind control people and unleash rapid-fire blasts of energy.

Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo)

Is able to release a rapid-fire flurry of punches, can draw stands out of possessed people.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hideki Futamura Director Key Animator for various films and OVA series, including Halo Legends, Perfect Blue, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.
Hirohiko Araki Original Concept Creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
Kenichi Takashima Writer
Marco D'Ambrosio Music
Junichi Hayama Animation Director Key Animation and Character Design for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, among other series.


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