Heh, It's Party Time, Kyoko!

Heh, It's Party Time, Kyoko! is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 05/24/2012

Ayumu throws a mixer to entertain Kyoko, so in exchange, Kyoko can give information on Chris's weaknesses.

Plot Summary

Kyoko wants Ayumu to "entertain" her
Kyoko wants Ayumu to "entertain" her

On the phone, Dai explains that Chris is punished for attempting a coup on the queen. Dai tells Ayumu that she cannot beat her, and she mentions Kyoko is there to give Ayumu, information about Chris's weakness. In Ayumu's home, Kyoko tries to be friendly with Ayumu, but Ayumu reminds her that she killed him and cause misery and grief to his friends. Haruna already forgets who Kyoko is, and Kyoko gives her a scary look. Kyoko states that the King of Night told her stories. When Ayumu asks her for Chris's weakness, Kyoko asks Ayumu to entertain her in exchange for the information. As Kyoko presses her breasts against the table to expose her cleavage, Haruna gets a bit annoyed that Kyoko is showing off her body and looking down on her. Ayumu accepts Kyoko's terms, and he talks with Seraphim who trusts Ayumu. Later that night, Kyoko jumps on Ayumu's body and presses her breasts against Ayumu's body. Ayumu punches himself with 300% power, and Seraphim finds this scene disgusting. Outside, Ayumu is scared by Kyoko who laughs maniacally when she goes back and forth on the swings.

Kyoko and Ayumu have to kiss
Kyoko and Ayumu have to kiss

At school, Ayumu asks Orito, Taeko, and Kanami to go to his mixer, and Orito finds it strange because Ayumu is the type of person who rarely goes out. Ayumu gets nervous, and Taeko thinks Ayumu is sick. Meanwhile, Kyoko finds Ayumu's act cute. At home, Ayumu looks up how to throw a mixer, and in class again, Ayumu hands a ticket and gets dry up by the sun. Taeko urges them to take on Ayumu's offer while Kanami agrees since girls get in free. On the roof of the school, Kyoko and Seraphim have a chat, and Kyoko remarks that Seraphim has some feelings for Ayumu as she used orders as a front. Yuki informs Sarasvati about Ayumu's mixer, but Sarasvati is too busy with her concert. Sarasvati gives a weird answer to Yuki's question about what a mixer is before she leaves. At the mixer that is behind Mask Donalds, Ayumu shows off his new clothes which has a see through shirt. Kanami laughs, Taeko is surprised, and Yuki finds it cool. Haruna and the gang arrive, and Orito swoons over Kyoko. When Kyoko states that they are short on boys, two employees from Mask MacDonalds volunteer. Later, they play the game, Who's the King. When Eucliwood calls up Ayumu and Taeko's numbers, she has them hug. Haruna and Yuki break them up, and Eucliwood scold him for being a pervert. One of the Mask Donalds calls up Kyoko and Ayumu's numbers and asks them to kiss each other. As tension rises, Kyoko begins to kiss Ayumu until Dai appears and ruins Kyoko's chance. Kyoko gets mad at Dai for ruining things. During the karaoke, Kyoko asks Dai about her intentions. Ayumu stops her from attacking Dai and leaves with Kyoko.

Kyoko kisses Ayumu's belly after she stabs him
Kyoko kisses Ayumu's belly after she stabs him

At the cemetery where Ayumu defeated Kyoko, Ayumu tells Kyoko to do anything she wants to him in exchange for information on Chris's weaknesses. Kyoko transforms into her Masou Shoujo and stabs Ayumu with her sword. She embraces Ayumu and tells Ayumu that she loves him. She kisses his abdomen, and Kyoko states that she enjoys the mixer. Kyoko explains that everyone's memories of her would be erased. She cries about her brutal sentence. Ayumu reassures her that he will always remember her. Kyoko leaves Ayumu happily with her wish fulfilled. At the mixer, Eucliwood reassures Seraphim that everything is okay. At home, Ayumu receives a fax from Kyoko stating that Chris's weakness is tickling her undersides.

Points of Interest

  • Mask Donalds is a reference to MacDonalds, an American fast food franchise.
  • Kyoko's sentence is spending eternity in prison while everyone's memory of her will be erased.
  • Seraphim's Relationship with Ayumu: Kyoko notes that Seraphim is hiding behind her orders and that she has feelings for Ayumu. This causes Seraphim to blush as she claims Kyoko's statements to be false.


  • Japanese Name: "Fū, Kyōko-chan Gōkon da ze!" (フー、京子ちゃん合コンだゼッ!)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinichi Kimura Original Concept
Makoto Uezu Series Composition
Shinobu Tagashira Character Artist/Designer
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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