Heero Yuy

Heero Yuy is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Arguably the main character of Gundam Wing, he is one of the original five Gundam pilots and pilots the Wing Gundam and Wing Gundam Zero. Despite his young age, he is a trained professional with little emotion and extensive knowledge and piloting experience.

Background History

When Heero first appears he is seven and nothing is known about his previous history. All of his past is clouded and the only thing we do know is that at some point Odin Lowe starts taking care of him. Odin Lowe was Heero's mentor and taught him almost everything. It was from Odin that he was taught how to fight and how to shoot a gun. One of Heero's first missions with Odin was to assassinate a General that belonged to the Alliance. General Septum was their target and Odin was going to be the shooter.

Young Heero
Young Heero
When they set off, Heero is sent to take out command towers with a rocket launcher. When he prepares to fire, Treize Khushrenada, a young instructor at the time, notices from inside his Leo and jumps in the way of the missile, injuring himself in the process. Heero then takes off in search of Odin, only to find his mentor almost dead. Odin then reaffirms his famous advice to Heero to always live by your emotions. From here on nothing is known about his early childhood, until the Colony Liberation Organization finds him and he is trained by Doctor J to become a Gundam pilot.

A questionable point in history comes when a boy with similar features to Heero helps in a number of rebel attacks on Earth. This boy meets Relena Darlian, and is on a secret mission to take out an alliance base. The problem with this connection is that there is no official record of Heero being on earth prior to Operation Meteor. Considering his professional soldier nature however, it wouldn't be too difficult to believe he was there on a secret mission that was never recorded.

At another point in time during his training however, Heero single-handedly decimated an Earth Alliance Forces base in the L1 colony he was being trained on, by planting explosives around the base and waiting for night fall. While he waited he met a girl with a pet dog and she tries to be friendly with him. Later, when night falls, he detonates the charges in the base, but one of the explosions causes a mobile suit to fall over and explode. In an almost chain reaction-like fashion, another mobile suit is knocked over and falls into several buildings outside the military base. Heero temporarily panics at the collateral damage, and goes down to investigate after the scene is safe. In the rubble he finds the dead body of the dog the girl was walking earlier in the park, and it is assumed she died as well.

He then returns to Doctor J, and Doctor J, under orders from Dekim Barton, attempts to retrain Heero to rid him of his emotions.

In the Gundam Wing TV Series

When we next see Heero, he is being sent to Earth in Operation Meteor with his Gundam, the XXXG-01W (Wing Gundam).  His ultimate mission this time, was to destroy the Earth Sphere Alliance Military and OZ. Upon reaching the Earth's atmosphere, he is intercepted by an OZ supersonic transport jet led by Lieutenant Zechs Merquise. Zechs manages to snipe the Wing Gundam using a Leo armed with a shoulder mounted dobergun. The attack forces Heero to transform the Wing Gundam into its mobile suit mode, and while the enemy OZ pilots are surprised at the sudden turn of events, Heero uses his buster rifle to destroy two of the enemies in Aries suits with one shot. Zechs, feeling cornered uses his Leo to restrain the Wing Gundam from moving before ejecting and watching as the two suits plummet into the ocean. It's at this point Zechs believes the pilot to be dead, but as we learn later in the same episode, Heero survives, washing up onto a deserted beach near the JAP military point on the Japanese coast.

While unconcious, Relena Dorlian finds him lying on the beach and calls for an ambulance. When he awakes and realizes his operation may be compromised, he presses the control box in his flight suit to activate the self-detonation device in his Wing Gundam. The device doesn't work though, and instead backfires by blasting out from his flight suit. It is about this time that an ambulance arrives and paramedics rush to the beach. Heero though attacks the paramedics on the stairs, and then proceeds to hijack the ambulance and drive away.
Ripping the invitation
Ripping the invitation
After escaping, Heero then enlists at the Saint Gabriel Institute, a prestigious school that just so happens to be the very same one that Relena is attending. When he introduces himself to the class, Relena instantly recognizes him and tries to befriend him. All of her advances are coldly ignored however, until one day when she gives him a handwritten invitation to her upcoming birthday party. In a move that causes shock among the onlooking classmates however, Heero rips up the invitation in front of her and everyone else watching. Relena begins to cry and ask him why he would do such a thing, and after wiping away the tears from one of her eyes, he says to her in one of his most famous quotes "I'll kill you".

The next day, a male classmate (presumably a friend of Relena) pairs off as Heero's opponent in fencing class. He tries to interrogate Heero as to why he ripped up Relena's invitation, but Heero decides to show off his superhuman coordination when he breaks his saber on the tip of the classmate's and then use the sharp edge formed from the fracture to puncture the classmate's protective face mask but without harming the boy. From there Heero quickly skips through his
Heero demonstrating his impressive fencing skills
Heero demonstrating his impressive fencing skills
horsemanship training class, and proceeds to hack a local Earth Sphere Alliance Military marina warehouse from one of the school's computers. He sorts through the various armaments available there from the computer, and after deciding to use deep water torpedoes to destroy his sunken Gundam, moves on to forging boarding and clearance documents.

Heero is next seen breaking into the marina, stealing the torpedoes, and then securing them inside his previously hijacked ambulance. After he finishes stowing them, he transports them to a naval port and prepares them onboard a docked submarine. The classmate who was fencing him previously however notices Heero driving the ambulance, and after telling Relena of this, Relena leaves her own birthday part to meet him. She finds him about the time he is preparing to fire the torpedoes, and after asking him all about who he really is and what he is doing, Heero pulls out his gun, points it at her, and says "You're in over your head". At that very moment Duo Maxwell makes his appearance, shooting Heero in the arm before he can react and stopping him from shooting Relena. To Duo's and Heero's surprise however, Relena defends Heero asking why Duo shot him, and then makes a bandage for him from a part of her dress. About then in the distance the Deathscythe can be seen lifting the Wing Gundam from out of the water; Heero then jumps onto the torpedoes that are being held up on a loading arm, punches the control box, and the torpedoes launch off into the water straight at the Gundams. The torpedoes connect with their target(s), but apparently they failed to significantly damage them due to Heero's miscalculating the strength of the Gundanium armor. Duo then comes to the realization that Heero must be the Wing Gundam's pilot, and Heero is seen floating unconcious on the water's surface.

When he awakes, he finds himself strapped down to a table, and immediately identifies the room as being the treatment room on the fiftieth floor of the Alliance Military number three medical building in the South J.A.P. area. A monitor comes in the corner of his vision, and he sees Duo on screen. Just by reading his lips, Heero is able to tell what Duo says even without any volume, and in that instant an explosion shakes the hospital. Duo then breaks into the room and frees Heero, and together they escape by blowing out the building's outer wall and jumping out. Thinking that his mission has been compromised just by his temporary capture, Heero then attempts to commit suicide by not deploying his parachute. When Relena reaches the blown out wall and calls his name however, impulsively he pulls the rip cord and deploys the chute. Unfortunately at this point he is far below the canopy height for safe deployment, and it barely slows him enough to only injure his leg in the fall. Duo and Heero then find Howard and use his crane ship to recover their Gundams from the water.

Key Character
  • "I'll kill you" - episode 1
  • "Death hurts like Hell." - episode 12
  • "I've said this before, the only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions." - episode 14
  • "Earth.
    The planet in the solar system that miraculously gave birth to life.
    The year After Colony 195.
    With the colonies' development, people live in new surroundings.
    Thanks to plentiful natural resources and cultivated technological abilities.
    However, this new world is nothing but an imitation of humankind's motherland, the Earth.
    Why were the colonies created in the first place?
    I hear the main purpose was technological development to enrich mankind's life on Earth.
    Did man start asking too much from this fake world?
    Its colony's self-sustained way of life is more stable than on Earth since it lacks the risk of natural disasters.
    It appears that this unlimited growth was guaranteeing the eternal existence of mankind.
    Perhaps there was an age when people dreamed they could start anew in outer space.
    But it's unthinkable that the colonies or mankind will ever forget the Earth.
    What did the colonies' technology bring to the Earth?
    The kind of technology the Earth wants most; military power.
    Destruction is in human nature and can never be eliminated.
    And now, the colonies are developing a militaristic disposition.
    The colonies cannot forget the Earth.
    The Earth has great beauty.
    Animals known as humans have acquired such strength that they want to control this planet for themselves.
    From the point of view of an entire planet the life of a living thing lasts no more than an instant.
    But in the end, mankind only thinks of itself.
    Nothing changes.
    The time spent by humans in outer space has been a waste.
    In reality, the ideal is just a dream.
    This false pacifism.
    This false living space.
    Outer space is a breeding ground for even more battles.
    Wars claim many lives.
    Mankind hasn't forgotten the sorrow caused by wars yet they haven't stopped fighting.
    The blood and tears they shed are merely ceremonial.
    One can't speak of history without referring to the wars in each era as important events.
    I'm sure the pale pep talks of fighting for peace have been repeated numerous times in the past.
    The colonies say they need armaments to maintain peace.
    It's no different from on Earth.
    The colonies think they've joined the big boys.
    I guess they believed the bloodshed would lead..." - episode 18


He awakes to realize he is in a alliance runned hospital. But, then the man named Duo who shot Heero blew up the wall of the hospital and helps Heero escape. Heero jumps out of the large hospital with Duo. But, instead of saving himself he begins to just fall to the ground. Eventually he pulls the string to the parachute he was given but, the fall stills breaks his legs. Duo helps him out and they escape. The two move to a new school together and it found that Duo is also a gundam pilot.

The wing gundam was fished out by Heero. Who decided to fix up the gundam. He didn't want help from anyone and began to work on it. Thats when he is contacted and given another mission to take out a mobile carrier of OZ. Eventually when the mission is in the motion Heero gets in the gundam he tried to fix and Duo doesn't think it will start. But, it shows the gundam taking off and destroying the carrier. After that Heero leaves Duo.  He goes to return to the Colony Liberation organization. He finds out that Relena had learned of the orginization. Later it is showed Relena with Heero at a school dance. Heero still wanting to kill her. But, then a member of OZ Lady Une appears. She attacks the school looking for Relena. Heero hops in his gundam and starts to fight the OZ. Relena is almost killed when Heero saves her.

It was unbelievable that he did this and maybe he still had some of his emotions cause even after that he couldn't kill her. But, leaves and goes on his next mission. Heero and other gundam pilots head to destroy a Oz base. When they became overpowered Heero destroys a ship that he doesn't realize is a delegate plane and now OZ can take over. So from there Heero has to go after them and try to stop them. With of coruse Relena right there the whole time.

Powers and abilities

Well it is shown that Heero has enhanced physical attributes. He was repeatedly bent steel bars with his bare hands. He was shot several times and still remained to try and fight. Also, Heero is a really good fighter and is exceptionally skilled with a gun. He has some form of enhanced healing because all of his wounds seem to heal abnormally fast. From putting his broken legs back into place to surviving several falls and gun shot wounds.  He is an expert with the gundams and is trained to kill. Another ability is he is emotionless allowing him to do what he wants with feeling making him unstoppable.
Heero with his gundam
Heero with his gundam
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hikaru Midorikawa
Mark Hildreth
Rank Game #1169 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Heero Yuy
Name: ヒイロ・ユイ
Romanji: Hiiro Yui
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing #1
1st anime movie: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
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