Hecados is a anime/manga character in the Beelzebub franchise
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Hecados is the eighth general in Behemoth's 34th Pillar.


Not much is revealed about his past besides his military affiliation.


Hecados, who is created by Ryuhei Tamura, has no inspiration regarding any inspiration used to create him. It's assumed that his name is loosely based on the Greek God, Hades. His Japanese voice actor is Kentaro Ito.


Story Arcs

Demon Invasion Arc

He kidnaps Aoi to force her to make a contract with him; Hecados confronts Oga and Hilda. He lets them discuss their plans to defeat him. Oga fires Zebul blast, but Hecados nullifies it. Then, Hilda cuts Aoi free. However, Hecados did this on purpose, so he can impale Hilda to get rid of her sooner. After Hilda gets impale, Oga decides to fight Hecados to avenge Hilda, yet Hecados overpowers Oga. Before Hecados can finish off Oga, Zenjuro appears and fends off Hecados. Hecados' allies, Graphel and Naga, appear to his aid. He and his friends try to attack Zenjuro only to get blasted by Zenjuro's power. Naga uses his gem to warp their group back to the demon world.

Later when Hilda defeats Yolda and the other wet nurses, Hecados and his friends warp to their location. He strangles Yolda and prepares to execute her, yet Hilda intervenes and blasts him through the roof. Oga arrives to the fight and wants to fight Hecados and his allies by himself. After Oga has finished his super milk time, he defeats Hecados and his allies easily after Oga and Beel combined their powers to create an explosion. (See anime under anime and manga differences).


He has a spear and can uses demonic aura like Hilda. However, Hecados needs a human to unlock his full potential in the human world.

Anime and Manga Differences

manga only scene
manga only scene

In the manga, Hecados grabs Yolda and tries to execute her, yet Hilda attacks him and sends him crashing up through the roof. However, in the anime, Hecados does not attack Yolda nor does Hilda attack him. Also, in the anime, Hecados gets attack by Aoi who defends Hilda on the top of the tower. Aoi does not appear in the battle for the manga version.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kentarou Itou
General Information Edit
Name: Hecados
Name: ヘカドス
Romanji: Hekadosu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Beelzebub #10
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #40
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hecadoth
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