Heaven's Memo Pad Characters

Heaven's Memo Pad is an anime series in the Kamisama no Memo-chou franchise
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Ayaka Shinozaki

An upbeat girl. The only member of the Gardening Club besides Narumi. She enjoys helping out Alice and Narumi.

Hiroaki Kuwahara

Member of the NEET detective team. He has many girlfriends, and is the only member that can drive. He is good at collecting information and investigating.

Hitoshi Mukai

Member of the NEET detective group. He is a military otaku and specializes in surveillance technology.

Minli Huang

Hardworking owner and chef at the Hanamaru Soup. She inherited the shop from her father and specializes in cooking ramen. She wears a sarashi under her shirt/apron, as opposed to a regular bra.

Narumi Fujishima

A kind 16 year old boy. Just after transferring schools he finds himself wound up with a group of NEETs and NEET detective Alice.

Renji HIrasaka

Co-founder of the Hirasaka group. He has a laid back attitude and used to be good friends with Soichirou.

Soichirou Hinamori

Head of a NEET yakuza group called Hirasaki. He has a violent attitude and often uses his men to help Alice solve cases. He also sews, and helps repair Alice's stuffed animals if they rip.

Tetsuo Ichinomiya

Member of the NEET detectives. He is a former boxer. He had dropped out of the school that Narumi is attending.

Yuuko Shionji

A.k.a. Alice. Self-proclaimed NEET Detective, very smart and quick with her words. She usually stays in her room surrounded by stuffed animals and glowing computer monitors.

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