Let's Get Dangerous

Topic started by gia on Sept. 4, 2009. Last post by Niko 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Too hot to handle?
Too hot to handle?
When I profiled Sora no Otoshimono for the upcoming fall preview, as fan-servicey as it clearly is I wouldn't have guessed it was going to follow in the footsteps of Queen's Blade-- or School Days. But according to the series' official website's blog, they'll only be airing 13 of the planned 14 episodes. One episode is too "dangerous." They actually used the English word "dangerous" written out in katakana. ( Via ANN.)

In all seriousness, this early I can't help but wonder if it's more of a marketing tactic than a real "problem. I don't doubt that the episode will be too much for TV, mind, but by phrasing it this way they can drum up attention-- like ours! --and set up expectation for a DVD release of the "dangerous" episode.

On the other hand, such things happen-- see also episode six of Gurren Lagann, which was going to revolve around Kamina trying to peep on the girls in the hot spring...until they remembered their kid-friendly SUnday morning timeslot. (Sora no Otoshimono, by contrast, will air at midnight on Monday mornings.)

What do you think? And perhaps more importantly-- how many of you recognize the headline?
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Sorry, I've never heard of Darkwing Duck before.
And at least in the case of the hot spring episode, didn't it air, and just air edited?
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I'm disappointed... I came in here expecting news on Darkwing Duck.
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@Chibi_Kaji: Sorry, man. Here, have this:
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HA! As soon as I saw the headline for this entry, I immediately started singing the old Darkwing Duck theme song. That show was full of awesomeness, I always wish they had done more seasons of it.
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awwww i was ready to get dangerous XP
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im the chibi guy on there laps!
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not queen blade enough, queen blade was like one foot on hentai show and the other on normal adult anime show
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This anime is brilliant so far, seen two episodes so far, havent watched an anime in so long which actully made me laugh
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@cfatalis: Kanokon was nearly up that trope as well
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@Nerx: kanokon was more shotaro boy anyway
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Got to admit I was disappointed to not see more Darkwing Duck news in this post. Your headline tricked me. For shame.
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