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Heaven's Lost Property is an anime series in the Heaven's Lost Property franchise
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The angel living in Synapse and creator of the 1st Generation Angeloid program, Daedalus is the one who visits Tomoki Sakurai's dreams to warn him that the sky has her. She created the three Angeloids Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea. She awaits the day that Tomoki will come and save her.

Eishiro Sugata

The quirky leader of the "New World" club at Tomoki's high school in Sorami, Eishiro Sugata is a supporting character of the anime Heaven's Lost Property. He uses different unconventional means to try to solve issues regarding the "new world" that has mysteriously appeared over the town of Sorami.


The two twin Angeloid bodyguards of the mysterious Man of Synapse, the Harpies are sent down to Earth to recover Ikaros and bring an unknowing Nymph back home to be scrapped. Their cruelty towards others is nothing short of shocking, they clearly take after their master.


First Generation: Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros falls down from the hidden world of Synapse and to Earth, where Tomoki Sakurai saves her from being smashed by falling rubble. She then saves Tomoki from being crushed by a massive pillar, and after they reach the ground, she imprints him as her master.

Man of Synapse

The cruel, heartless master of the Angeloid Harpies, Nymph and apparent leader of the world of Synapse. He seeks to recover the rare "Variable-Type" wings from Ikaros at any cost and to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai and the Angeloids that he claims have betrayed Synapse to live with the "downers" (humans).

Mikako Satsukitane

The future heiress of a powerful Yakuza family, Mikako is a supporting character in the Sora no Otoshimono franchise. She considers herself superior over everyone else and is currently the President of the Student Council at Sorami High School. Highly sadistic towards everyone around her and treats them poorly.


The second Angeloid that Tomoki Sakurai encounters in Heaven's Lost Property. She is originally sent by the wicked Man of Synapse to kill Tomoki and take Ikaros back to her master so he can extract the rare "Variable-type Wings" from Ikaros.

Sohara Mitsuki

The childhood friend of Tomoki Sakurai, Sohara Mitsuki is the one who takes him to meet with Eishiro Sugata about his recurring dream. She severely punishes Tomoki whenever he acts perverted around her with a "killer" karate chop that leaves him near death. She lives across the street from him.

Tomoki Sakurai

Tomoki Sakurai is the main character in Heaven's Lost Property. He is a total pervert who likes panties and boobs. His quiet life changes forever when he meets Ikaros, a Pet-Class Angeloid that has fallen to Earth from the mysterious world of Synapse that orbits around Earth in the sky.

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