Heaven's Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property is an anime series in the Heaven's Lost Property franchise
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Tomoki Sakurai is haunted by a re-occurring dream in which a mysterious girl is taken away from him by the sky. His hopes for a life of "peace and quiet" are shattered when a falling Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros falls from the sky and into his life.


Heaven's Lost Property is an anime adaptation of Sora no Otoshimono manga series by Suu Minazuki. The series is produced by AIC and aired in Japan in 2009.


FUNimation has licensed the series in North America and has released it on DVD and Blu-ray with a full English dub.


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Major characters are listed below. See the Heaven's Lost Property (anime) character list and Heaven's Lost Property (franchise) character list for more.

Tomoki Sakurai (桜井 智樹 Sakurai Tomoki)
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi Greg Ayres
Race: Human
Gender: Male, 150 cm (4'11"), 49 kg (108 lb)
The main protagonist. Tomoki is a fairly average teenage boy--though an extremely perverted one--who enjoys one thing above all else: peace and quiet. His quite life shatters though after an "angel" falls out of the sky and into his life. Tomoki has to deal with becoming the angels' "Master" and all the trouble that comes with it.
Ikaros (イカロス Ikarosu)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami Brittney Karbowski
Race: Angeloid (Alpha), Wing Type: Variable
Gender: Female, 162 cm (5'4"), 48 kg (106 lb)
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Sohara Mitsuki (見月 そはら Mitsuki Sohara)
Voiced by: Mina Kasai Trina Nishimura
Race: Human
Gender: Female, 158 cm (5'2"), 49 kg (108 lb)
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Eishiro Sugata (守形 英四郎 Sugata Eishirō)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki Eric Vale
Race: Human
Gender: Male
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Mikako Satsukitane (五月田根 美香子 Satsukitane Mikako)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki Jamie Marchi
Race: Human
Gender: Female
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Nymph (ニンフ Ninfu)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu Kara Edwards
Race: Angeloid (Beta), Wing Type: Not Variable, Stealth
Gender: Female, 139 cm (4'7"), 29 kg (64 lb)
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Theme Music

Opening and ending themes are listed below. See the franchise page for full soundtracks and other music.

OP01"Ring My Bell (Main Vocal Hitomi)"Blue Drops1-10, 12
OP02"Ring My Bell (Main Vocal Saori)"Blue Drops11
ED01"Soba ni Irareru Dake de" (そばにいられるだけで )Blue Drops1
ED02"Misaki Meguri" (岬めぐり)Mina2
ED03"Taiyou ga Kureta Kisetsu" (太陽がくれた季節)Hayami Saori, Mina, Takagaki Ayahi, Hoshi Souichirou, Suzuki Tatsuhisa3
ED04"Senshi no Kyuusoku" (戦士の休息)Hoshi Souichirou4
ED05"Yuke! Yuke! Kawaguchi Hiroshi" (ゆけ!ゆけ!川口浩)Kamon Tatsuo5
ED06"Natsu-iro no Nancy" (夏色のナンシー)Nomizu Iori6
ED07"Furimuku na Kimi wa Utsukushii" (ふり向くな君は美しい)Hayami Saori, Nomizu Iori, Mina, Takagaki Ayahi, Hoshi Souichirou, Suzuki Tatsuhisa7
ED08"Wild Seven" (ワイルドセブン)Hoshi Souichirou, Suzuki Tatsuhisa8
ED09"Hatsukoi" (初恋)Hayami Saori, Takagaki Ayahi9
ED10"Bokura no Diary" (僕等のダイアリー)Takagaki Ayahi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa10
ED11"Champion" (チャンピオン)Hoshi Souichirou, Fujita Saki11
ED12"Akai Hana Shiroi Hana" (赤い花白い花)Hayami Saori12
ED13"Soba ni Irareru Dake de" (そばにいられるだけで )Blue Drops13
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Tatsuya Yoshihara

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General Information Edit
Name Heaven's Lost Property
Name: そらのおとしもの
Romaji: Sora no Otoshimono
Publisher AIC
Start Year 2009
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Aliases Sora no Otoshimono
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