HEAVEN'S LOST PROPERTY #1 -- Watch & Learn

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I want you all to know that I’m trying real hard - - fighting real hard, in fact - - to not refer to this as HEAVEN’S LOST TITTIES because, once again, that would reflect the spirit of the plot far more accurately than the title on the box. I’ve largely been getting these shows from Funi in a form that seems unedited, but I have a sneaking hunch that the variety of awkwardly-placed lens flares, silhouettes and floating graphics that cover up all the erections in this episode were probably inserted by the translators. Honestly, I don’t have problems most times when a company’s got to alter content to fit it better to local idioms and mores and whatnot.

However - - when you’ve got a show like HEAVEN’S LOST TITTIES, where the appeal is pretty much predicated on the unbridled rabidity, you’ve got to figure that any added discretion is akin to cutting porn down for broadcast on daytime TV. This show isn’t quite hentai, but it’s not quite a legitimate show, either - - so the version I got doesn’t really please anybody, does it?

Frankly, it’s an incomprehensible mess. The notion of a team solving mysteries or executing missions within and outside the dreamtime is actually pretty a worthwhile but… I’ll be straight up… it’s an absolute mess as presented here. Watching all these shows has been an education in seeing how complex sci-fantasy concepts should be introduced - - and this nonsensical tangle really shows what not to do.

Don’t ask me to get into any more detail about that because - - and I’ll confess to such human weakness - - I was absolutely stupefied by the boobs on parade.

Watch this episode, "A Full-Frontal Hero Arises" below and decide for yourself.

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loves this show.

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@Supreme Marvel: True, but I love the manga for it 100 times more since the manga has actual plot, multiple conflicts, a more diverse cast, and character development than either of the two anime seasons. The anime puts way too much focus into excessive amounts of fanservice along with added "cheap humor" that detracts from what made the manga so enjoyable to read.

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So the manga to anime adaptation is rather different? Much in the way way MAI-HIME was sort of romance-action, but the anime was a yuri lovefest.

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Actually, the FUNimation version is the same as the Japanese. This is one of those "ecchi" shows that plays up the fan service (mostly for laughs) without outright showing bare breasts and such.

Heaven's Lost Property is actually very popular and definitely one of my recent favourites. It's already had 2 seasons, a movie, and I'm pretty sure a third season was confirmed a while back too. It's good fun.

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I never got into this show

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I thought this one was pretty good. It's goofy silly fun. My only knock is that eventually they feel the need to address the plot and those episodes are pretty stupid and abandon everything good about the series imo.

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@FoxxFireArt: In a general sense, the show is different from what the manga delivers. The show cranks up the fanservice and cuts out various minor plot elements and character development that the manga series establishes during it's run. I will admit that the main focus of the series plot-wise (Tomoki and friends/Angeloids vs Man of Synapse and Synapse) does make it into the anime, but it is watered down and not as engrossing as what it was in the manga.

The show is still a good watch for those who love fanservice, ecchi, and humor in their anime series, but compared to the 50+ chapters in the 14 Volumes of Sora no Otoshimono (manga) that I have read, the show loses the potential it had (kind of in a way like Rosario + Vampire with how the two anime seasons watered down, modified, or moved around elements of the plot/story after they too cranked up the fanservice factor for the anime)

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A fun anime to watch, I would definitely take this over Master of Martial Hearts XP
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just went up on hulu... um sorry much rather watch that over this. just fyi for those looking for a alternative.

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@Marshal Victory:

FUNimation has been streaming it on their own site for a while now for free. I'd like to see Tom's take on LUPIN III: THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE. I'm enjoying that anime. They're really going for the feel of the original manga.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed Heaven's Lost Property. Still need to start reading the manga.

Tom, if you know you're not going to like any fanservice shows then don't watch them. It's a downer to come on here and read an article like this where you don't even care.

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@sotyfan16: i do not think he does not like a good fan service show .Some are easy enuff to pick up on for what they are an some have a depth some would drown in.But some are the um no boob on the tube crowd an their turned off by the wiggle an jiggle while missing out on the fun.Their loss pure an simple.

Ill try to have another go at Heaven's Lost property. Think when i tried to watch 1st time i got 2nd season opener an was tad put off .Only reason i offered info on LUPIN III: THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE its more serious .. well as serious in some ways that others that did not like heaven may like this.

@FoxxFireArt: ya that show reminded me of the intro to...

the animation style sorta.Who ever Monkey Punch is thats doing the show i wish them long life because LUPIN III: THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE is great.

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@Sonata: That's like saying you would take pee over shit though...I mean I tried to watch the first episode of that...and turned it off after five minutes when I could feel my IQ dropping by twenty points.

Why fight it tom? With a show with promo art like this one and an episode title with the words full frontal hero arises (I mean really my high school no my middle school friends could think of a more smile worthy sexual innuendo than that GAH!) it is asking you not to fight it so why..

Yeah the promo art on this one told me no SCREAMED at me this is not for you...glad to know I was right.

the show was sent to him by funimation to review. As such he should review it. You can have an Echhi show with some heart, plot, and point. The one with the hamster ah yes Ebichui for example (though mostly it is just rip roaringly hilarious) but soft porn for the sake of soft porn..yeah not much call for that. I mean just go watch porn (or get laid) for goodness sakes.

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Ok watched it subtitled. The chibi kinda throws it a bit.Like a odd sized tire on a car makes it handle funny.An the main character has a weird laugh.High art its not but its what it is... a goofy ecchi story .Weirdness is bit over top so i don't see a parody angle .Plus side tho animation is bit better minus the chibi overall than your average anime.

The angeloid looks like she came from a final fantasy game tho.It did get a second season but that doesn't always mean a shows good .Just popular enuff.

1st episode here feels kinda forced.I mean 1st show here we get all the people but them going poof?Who is gona believe that?Their is as little emotional connection to that as their is to the angeloids emotions.But ill try it for 2 more shows.But its already got 2 strikes against it. :/

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Oh, you watched the first episode of this? Good! Don't watch anymore. Please.

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@asian_pride said:

Oh, you watched the first episode of this? Good! Don't watch anymore. Please.

To late watched 2nd an 3rd shows.The chibi just hurts it.Chibi poorly done + Ecchi = Creepy .Its a roller coaster on quality seems.After 3 shows id say its just a notch above average.1st show was the worst of the 3.But still has more going against it for my own tastes than for it.

I will watch more later on.Just does not grab me as a must watch more now type show.Part of me thinks theirs a parody in here some where to .That is throwing it off even worse.But that said i have seen way worse.Its just one of those shows i think your mileage may vary.

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Interesting to see the english translation of sora no otishimono. I was hoping this was a new season, the show is totally about fan service but godamn it's hilarious as shit! I do the guys creepy laugh all of the time. And even went as far as to show my girlfriend an episode of the show so when we're in public and I do the creepy laugh she'll know what I'm doing.

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