Heavens Blade Successors

Heavens Blade Successors is a anime/manga concept
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Holders of the 12 Heavens Blades, they cream of the Military Artists in Grendan. Compared to regular Military Artists their skills and powers with the Kei are monstrous. Each of them could be considered an army on its own.





Heavens Blade Successors are Military Artists with almost monstrous amount of skill and power. They were born with incredible talent in fighting and at controlling Kei. Their abilities are many notches above that of a regular Military Artists. It's nearly impossible to match a Heavens Blade in anything related to fighting. Be it speed, strength or the execution of their techniques; they are all flawless. Unlike regular Military Artists, Heavens Blade Successors are fighting almost exclusively alone. Their power allows them to defeat entire armies of Filth Monsters with little problems.

It's worth nothing that the Queen of Grendan, Alsheyra Almonise is even stronger than a Heavens Blade. So much she can effortlessly beat them in a single battle. Compared to Heavens Blade Successors, the gap of power is so huge as the gap between a normal Military Artist and a Heavens Blade Successor.

Current Members:

Alsheyra Almonise

Barmelin Swattis Nolne

Lintence Haden

Savaris Luckens

Layfon Alseif

General Information Edit
Concept Name Heavens Blade Successors
Japanese Name: 天剣授受者
Romaji Name: Tenken Juju Sha
Aliases Heavens Blades
Heavens Blade Receivers
1st manga book: Chrome Shelled Regios #3
1st anime episode: Chrome Shelled Regios #1
1st anime movie:
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