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Here’s another series I dismissed, with all too much prejudice, back when it was making its proper rounds in America. I assumed it was meant to be taken seriously and, with that assumption, a title like “HEAT GUY J” seemed utterly ridiculous. Were these guys aware of how silly it sounded? Well, a little time and experience now lets me see how that ridiculousness is exactly what this show's aiming for - - and I was thoroughly entertained by it for that.

A little snooping reveals that this is the brain-child of Kazuki Akane, the director of ESCAFLOWNE (one of my all-time favorite series), and it was animated by Satelight, a studio that’s produced a slew of projects which I now realize are united by their stupefying production value. Yeah, this episode sparked a slew of revelations, it did. So… I’m feeling even sillier, right now, for passing up the series.

(Still, in my defense, “HEAT GUY J” does sound like some hilariously mistranslated Engrish. And dated Engrish, at that).

Putting aside the superb, tremor-inducing animation, what I enjoyed so much about show was the way it managed to slab on a thick spread of totally gonzo sci-fi ideas whilst keeping an utterly flippant attitude about it. And this Dice guy’s really the perfect guy to lead that. Maybe it flies in the face of what I seem to be leading up to here, but I loved the quick complexity that’s established for him.

It’s like this cocky wunderkind has some real, tragic back-story and serious challenges he’s got to handle (with J’s help, of course) - - but he puts up this charming, blasé attitude for whenever he’s in the thick of things. I was half-expecting him to say, “Pssshh… Yeah, I’ve got a robot bodyguard. Big deal, right?” at some point.

I’d love to follow this deranged buddy cop story further, but there’s only so much time to watch all this damn anime. Supposing I don’t ever get to see the rest of this, would any of you lunatics care to break HEAT GUY J down for me, as whole? I can enjoy it vicariously through you!

Watch this episode, "Guy (City)” here and decide for yourself.

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Watched the whole series. Overal animation was not bad ,some character designs were good.The key is what you said you dont take it to seriously an its a pretty fun ride.Good amount of backstory an world building even after it gets rolling.Dubs were not bad either.

Problem i had 1st go threw i kept haveing a mental image of Inspector Gadget http://www.comicvine.com/inspector-gadget/29-77713/ was split in two for the main characters.Not sure why just did.It should be filed under when i get time to watch anime.Worth a watch threw but atm you should be looking here http://www.funimation.com/psycho-pass/videos

or http://www.hulu.com/#!psycho-pass for stuff not light hearted .

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Heh. You think his name is "Dice K"? Baka gaijin!

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@YotaruVegeta: Dubs sound like that actualy.

Tom Pinchuk hope ya happy watched 2 episodes of ESCAFLOWNE its on my buy list now. Good old schoool atention to detail .Good plot flow on 1st two shows.Feels epic even.

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@Marshal Victory: I don't think Daisuke sounds that much different in Japanese, either.

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@YotaruVegeta: Mostly i prefer subs an there to me it sounds like "Dise-kay" an said faster. Where as dubs sound exactly like you said "Dice K". Now pronouciation, an spelln an that evil grammar stuff is last thing anyone would consider me profecent in.The "u" screws me up seeing the name .. i mean a silent "u" i never heard ...err hehe.

I do like the name tho .it sounds cool an its not Ichigo wich seems used alot...an sounds like some one has a itch an has to go in dubs.

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@Marshal Victory: We're all foolish Americans. Even though I've learned the short and long sounds as they are in Japanese, I still am learning. Daisuke is maybe in the top 10 names used in anime, but it's probably near the bottom of that list.

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@YotaruVegeta: Hmm top 10 anime names ,that would be a good idea for year end lists.Tomoe would probly be on the list to.

Reguarding foolish Americans well its not just us that have problems learning It. fFom what i have read it takes something like 2200 hours of training to be considered profecent in Japanese.I test at a 8th grade spelling an 10th grade english usage .Have various problems with the writen word.Chances of me ever being profecent in Japanese is worse than power ball ( lottery) chances.But i wil say the way story building an plots in anime an manga for me have been a refreshing change of entertainment.

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@Marshal Victory: I think the name Sakura probably wins.

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