Heartless Assassination Plan

Heartless Assassination Plan is an anime episode of Sumomomo Momomo that was released on
Iroha Miyamoto and Hanzo, the assassins from the previous episode, return home to find themselves surrounded by members of the West Army. They easily defeat them and send their boss running, only to come face to face with the one enemy they can't defeat: the landlady demanding rent from them. After bribing the landlady with some snacks, Hanzo seems content, but Iroha is still angry as she violently pins Hanzo to the floor. Iroha gives a brief history of the Miyamoto family, represented by the snake of the zodiac, and how she will return her family to their former glory of the most feared group of assassins despite being only 15 years old.

Elsewhere, Momoko tries a different technique to win Koushi's affection: Making a sushi dinner and then laying it all around and on top of her naked body on a giant platter. Once Koushi sees the final result, he simply leaves her in the kitchen and goes back to studying. Momoko tries to apologize for her act, but finds that Koushi is in bed, listening to some law school tapes and repeating the words in his sleep. Momoko uses this to plant a few subliminal suggestions in Koushi's head, but when she tries to get Koushi to want sex with her, he regains conciousness.

The next day, Iroha and Hanzo watch from afar as Momoko and Koushi are playing sports with each other. Iroha sees that there's still time to break up the marriage by killing Koushi, until she gets smacked in the head by a rogue frisbee. Koushi decides to ask if she's alright, and embrasses her to the point of running away. Iroha tries to forget about the incident, but throughout the day her surroundings keep reminding her up to the point where she decides to confront Koushi in his house and kill him while he sleeps.

Iroha has trouble finishing the job that night, as Koushi accidentally hugs her close while listening to some tape and mumbles in his sleep about how much he loves her and wants to get nasty with her. After unleashing a large slap across Koushi's face, Iroha's hair catches on fire from her embarassment as she runs straight through utility poles, buildings, and even the West Army boss who threatened her before just to get away. Back at the house, a wakened Koushi finds out that Momoko switched his law tape with one containing her own suggestions.

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