He is my Master

He is my Master is an anime series in the He Is My Master franchise
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When young rich boy finds 2 cute girls changing on his doorstep, what does he do other then make them his maids!


He Is My Master (これが私の御主人様, Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama) is a gag comedy manga which ran in Monthly Shōnen Gangan, later spun off into a television anime series in the harem genrewith a lolicon aspect. The manga is authored by two individuals: Mattsu (まっつー) who does the story and his ex-wife Asu Tsubaki (椿あす) who does the artwork. Because of their acrimonious split, the manga will likely be drawn by someone else soon.

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on November 27, 2006 they now have licensed the right to the English translation of He Is My Master and has begun to release the series July 2007.

Sentai Filmworks has announced it has the licensed the anime and will release the complete collection on October 10, 2009; with distribution handled by Section23 Films.


When two cute girls run away from home along with their fetish crocodile, where do they go? where would they go other then a rich boys house.

The two cute girls were caught in the rain and as they were changing on the mansions doorstep the master steps and interrupts them. At first there first meeting is very rocky. But after he invites them in to there home it only gets worse. It starts when the girls realize what kind of a guy he really. Not only a pervert but a peeper. As they are walking around the villa the girls by accident break a vase that is 5,000,000 yen!!! to pay of their debt they have to work as a maids and do what ever he says. But is there more to this boys then it looks. Does he only in it for the cute girls or is their a love interest?


Yoshitaka Nakabayashi- 14 year old rich boy, he is sporty, fit and not to mention rich. But there are a few bad points like the fact that he is a pervert, peeper, dog, fetish and last but certainly not least he is their master. As the girls for for the masters trick they become his maids, which he is very happy to announce. As we watch the series he comes up with great ideas to send the girls running and see them dressed in maid costumes, but the Izumi Sawatari one of the maids takes Yoshitaka's interest will he be able to earn her heart not through money but through his feelings.

Izumi Sawatari- is the older sister of the maid pair. An average bossy, responsible, sensitive, tough, heart- warming and will powered older sister. She takes most of the responsibility in life not to mention the work too as a maid. But Izumi's fetish body is Yoshitaka's main interest but will she accept him. At first they fight like a old married couple, and then once the girls get taken he shows his real side and Izumi was taken away. ( not literally)

Characters & Voice Actors

Kurauchi, Anna
Ueda, Kana
Nakabayashi, Yoshitaka
Minagawa, Junko
Von jascheroff, Constantin
Sawatari, Izumi
Asano, Masumi
Kuraoka, Rubina
Sawatari, Mitsuki
Shimizu, Ai


Satou, Hiroki
Saeki, Shouji
Ootsuka, Masahiko
Okui, Masami
Series Credits
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General Information Edit
Name He is my Master
Publisher Gainax
Start Year 2005
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