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A shy, distrusting teenager who's life was ruined by both a terrible accident and the victim of a terrible gang rape, Hayate harbors a strong disliking of men, shunning them away. She allows the Prince to take advantage of her, only to be shocked that he has healed her pain.


A distrustful, shy teenager who has endured through terrible pain caused over the past few years by both a terrible accident and being gang raped by a ruthless group of men, Hayate Sera harbors a strong disliking of any man who attempts to get near her, shunning them away. This causes problems with one of her classmate who longs to show her just how much he loves her and how he wants to be committed to her in a relationship. After she bumps into the Prince at school, Hayate's troubled life will be once and for all healed of the terrible scars of her past when she allows him to work his magic upon her.


Hayate Sera was originally created by Yuuki Homura for use in the Pipiruma! franchise. Hayate first appears in Pipiruma! Volume One.


Scarred by the traumatic events of her past that haunts her to this day, Hayate shuns all contact by men and tries to live life as a loner, killing any chance of ever being in a relationship with her old friend Mizuno. This all changes, however, when the Prince uses his magical powers that he utilizes through sex to not only return her stolen virginity that was ripped away from her by the group of men who raped her, but repairs the terrible damage to her legs that caused her to no longer be able to compete for the track team. After their sexual romp and his magical healing, Hayate becomes much more confident and happy with her life, eager to finally allow her lover at school to become her first boyfriend and true love.

Early Years

Nothing is known of Hayate Sera's early years outside of the fact that she was an popular athlete for the track team who wasn't able to compete after being involved in a terrible accident and who was brutally attacked and gang raped by a group of men several years prior to where she is when the story starts.

Sera Hayate's Involvement in the Pipiruma! Franchise (H-manga)

Pipiruma! Volume One

Chapter Two

We are first introduced to Hayate Sera in the beginning of the second chapter, being complimented on her achievements and asked out to dinner by her friend Mizuno as they prepare to leave the university for the day. Rejecting his offer, Hayate becomes cold towards the disappointed Mizuno, telling him "You don't have to bother with someone like me..." before making her way out of the classroom, leaving her saddened friend behind. Meanwhile, the Prince finds himself flirting with some of the beautiful women at the university as he and Yui walk through the halls towards her class. Disapproving of his constant flirting towards the other women since they are now in a relationship, Yui voices her displeasure with him. Telling her that it was ok, since she was the best girl of them all, the Prince departs off down the hallway when Yui reaches her classroom for lecture. Humming a tune to himself, the Prince makes his way down the hallway past all sorts of beautiful women, admiring their beauty as he passes them by. Not paying attention to where he is going, he accidentally bumps into one of the female students, knocking the binder out of Hayate's hands and sending her crashing onto the floor. Apologizing for being so clumsy, the Prince offers to help the girl that he banged into, but she rejects him coldly, having no interest in making contact with any man. Stunned that he has been rejected for the first time in his life by a woman, the Prince stammers that he would like to take her out to eat, but is once again shot down when Hayate tells him that she would rather eat at home.

Blown away that he has been rejected twice in the span of under a minute, the Prince reaches out to touch her shoulder, telling Hayate that she did not need to be so unfriendly towards him. As soon as his hand makes contact with her body, Hayate snaps at him, telling him to not touch her. With that, she storms off, leaving the stunned Prince standing in the hallway, wide-eyed in shock. But it was not the third rejection that has left him stunned, but what he saw when his hand made brief contact with her body. As soon as he touched her, a terrible vision of the horrific pain and suffering that Hayate had endured in her life filled his head, revealing to him as to why she had such a strong distrust and bitter hatred for men. Determined to help make things right for the troubled Hayate, the Prince decides that he will be the one to bring a end to her terrible pain and restore her back to the way she was prior to being injured and raped. Keeping close to her, the Prince follows Hayate off of campus and all of the way back to her house, where she finally notices that he has been "stalking" her to her front door. Asking him as to what is he doing, since she might call the police on him for stalking her home, he tells her that he just wants her to know the significance of love. Somewhat confused by his words, Hayate decides that he is just some pervert who has confused love and sex since her body is his goal. Not wanting to cause a scene, she allows him into her house, deciding that if she just gives into him and allows him to rape her, then no trouble will be caused.

Leading him into her bedroom, Hayate begins to undress, telling him to "get on with it and go away" since she has decided that he can just rape her now so that it would put a end to this "delusion" of his. Eager to show her true pleasure, the Prince begins to seduce her, toying with both her breasts and clitoris as he begins to work his magic upon her body. They have wild, passionate sex until they both achieve orgasm together, Hayate blown away by just how wonderful sex can really be in stark comparison to the time she was gang raped. Somewhat disgusted that she allowed him to unleash his sperm inside of her body, Hayate finds herself lying in bed, covering herself with a blanket as the Prince tries to talk to her. Crying, she turns to face him, condemning him for "trying to sugarcoat" what had just happened, but before she can finish her angry words, her body begins to lift off of the mattress, floating several feet above the ground. Freaking out, Hayate tries to figure out why this is happening to her, but stops when the Prince reveals to her what he has just done to her body through the magic he used during sex. He tells her that he has not only repaired her damaged legs that were injured in the accident, but has also restored her virginity that was stolen away from her when she was brutally raped by a gang of men several years ago. Eyes open wide in pure disbelief, she is utterly blown away at the kindness and help that this mysterious man has just given her through magic.

Later that day, both Hayate and the Prince make their way back towards the university, talking with each other about exactly went down while they were having sex. The Prince tells her that due to a quirk with his abilities, he can only use magic when having sex, thus explaining why he did what he did with her. Not fully convinced by his logic, Hayate is just grateful that he has removed the pain that had been haunting her for years, and she now looks forward to opening her heart to her friend Mizuno. Once back at the front gates, Hayate bids the Prince farewell as she goes over towards where Mizuno is standing. Waving goodbye, the Prince is interrupted by the arrival of Yui, who wants to know why he is getting along with "Sera-san" so well, but stops when she notices him watching the departing Hayate. Turning to watch, both Yui and the Prince observe Hayate joyfully asking her friend Mizuno out for dinner, much to his shock and surprise, having been coldly rejected by her earlier in the day. From under the Prince's shirt, the soft glow of the second point of the six-pointed symbol on his necklace becoming illuminated dimly shines through his shirt, symbolizing the second of the six loves that he needs in order to end his exile on Earth.

Chapter Three

Meeting up with her female friend Sawamori at the local cafe, Hayate begins talking to Sawamori about how a "magician" had helped heal her of her physical and metal scars through sex. Interested, Sawamori asks Hayate to fill her in about this "magician" she speaks of, for it will become a critical part of her plans to become a man.

Other Media

Hayate has yet to appear in anything media/product-related outside of the Pipiruma! franchise.

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Name: Hayate
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Pipiruma! #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hayate Sera
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