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Hayate X Blade is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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A story written and illustrated by Shizuru Hayashiya, it revolves around the exploits of Hayate Kurogane with her sister-in-arms, Ayana Mudou, as they interact with the unique students of Tenchi Academy.

Hayate x Blade is a light yuri manga with elements of (almost) school life and martial arts mixed in. 

The basic story is caused by Nagi Kurogane falling ill and being unable to attend the school she tried out for,  and so to avoid losing her place, sends her twin sister Hayate Kurogane to fill in for her until she gets better. There also seems to be a huge debt owned by the orphanage Hayate used to go to, an amount so extortionate they cannot hope to pay it by normal means.

Although Tenchi Academy functions as a normal school, it also plays host to spontaneous sword duels, known as Hoshitori Duels, or "Starcharting Duels", in which pairs of students--Sisters in Arms--fight with other pairs in order to "steal" the stars and rise through ranks in the school, gaining access to privilaged areas in the school as well as a certain sum of money for rising a rank. The amount of money open for earning rises each rank, given to the participants by the wealthy School President, Hitsugi Amachi.

However, students are prohibited from gaining stars unless they have a Sister-in-Arms, one of which to play the "Ten", sky, role of attacking and the other to focus on the "Chi", earth, role of defence.
Hayate decides the best way to repay the debt owed to her orphanage is to ascend the ranks of the Hoshitori System and gain the monetary rewards to pay it off, and proceeds to convince a skilled student infamous for refusing Sister-in-Arms to fight with her to the top and help her with her goals, Ayana Mudou.
Together, they meet many different people and encounter many different problems in their attempts to reach the top, and this turns Hayate x Blade into an action-packed, fun-filled, light-hearted yet still serious manga that proves to be very enjoyable.
General Information Edit
Name: Hayate X Blade
Name: はやて×ブレード
Romaji: Hayate x Bureedo
Aliases: Hayate Cross Blade
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