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Hayate the Combat Butler - Crazy and over the top, in a good way! Reviewed by JJOR64 on Dec. 22, 2009. JJOR64 has written 38 reviews. His/her last review was for My-HiME. 135 out of 146 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Review written on December 22, 2009 for both seasons: Hayate no Gotoku and Hayate no Gotoku!!
*Possible Spoilers Ahead*
 Hayate the Combat Butler
 Hayate the Combat Butler
Next show on my anime train was Hayate no Gotoku aka Hayate the Combat Butler based on the manga of the same name.  It's a romance/comdey/slice of life/harem/parody show.  Dang, that's a lot of genres. There are two seasons for the show, Hayate no Gotoku! and Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season.  The first season spanned 52 episode and the second season spanned 25 episode and 1 OVA.  I should also mention that SynergySP made the first season and J.C.Staff made the second season.  Now that I got that out of the way, it's time for the review!
Hayate no Gotoku tells the story about Hayate Ayasaki paying off his debt to Nagi Sanzenin which happens to be 1.5 million yen.  Well, here is how it happened.  Hayate was given the 1.5 million debt from his parents.  One day the debt collectors were wanted the money and offered a deal to Hayate, but he refused and ran.  That same night at the park he runs into Nagi, who he wanted to kidnap and ask for ransom money, but it completly fails.  Because of this, Nagi completely miss understands and thinks it's a confession of love.  Hayate goes to the phone and asks for ransom money, but he messes up and hangs up.  After this Hayate notices that Nagi is being kidnapped.  Hayate asks a girl for her bike so he can catch up to their care.  Lucky for Hayate, he can ride a bike just as fast as any car in the world.  At first he just stops in front of the car, but the kidnappers just hit him.  Then Hayate catches up to them and and leaps onto the hood of the car with an evil glare in his eyes.  After that, the kidnappers give up and give Nagi back.  Nagi offers Hayate an award and asks for a new job before he passes out from his injuries.
 Hayate has gone evil!
 Hayate has gone evil!

The next day Hayate wakes up at Nagi's mansion, but he thinks he is actually dead and went to heaven.  After soaking in the huge indoor bath, his wounds re-open and he passes out.  After he wakes up, Nagi and Maria (Nagi's maid) explain that he is their new butler.  Now he has his new job, he is eager is demonstarte his abilities so he ends up cleaning the whole mansion and making it sparkling clean.  Hayate ends up in the study/library and ends up finding Nagi's self drawn manga and he refers to it as a picture diary.  After Nagi sees this, she get's very upset and kicks him out.  Now Hayate believes that he has been fired and wonders off.  Shortly after wondering he runs into the debt collectors and ends up being kidnapped.  It seems like the end of the world until Nagi shows up, in a really bad disguse, and pays the debt collectors Hayate's debt.  Since the debt is now payed of to the debt collectors, he is now in debt to Nagi for 1.5 million yen.
 Nagi Sanzenin
 Nagi Sanzenin
So that's how the show starts off and that's the basics of the show.  Hayate ends up becoming Nagi's butler and now he has to pay Nagi back 1.5 million yen, which will take him about 40 years.  Now one to my thoughts about both seasons.
Let's just put it this way, I fucking loved this show.  It's super over the top and crazy through out, well, the first season anyways.  The second season wasn't as crazy and over the top, but it was still very enjoyable and goofy.  During the course of the show lots of goofy stuff happens.  Near the beginning of the show Hayate has to bring Nagi her lunch, which she forgot.  So Hayate dresses up like Solid Snake and sneaks into the school to give her her lunch.  Then fast forward to a later part of the show here Hayate has to enter a combat butler tournament.  In this tournament many butlers face of against each other.  Luckily for us, Haytate does end and he doesn't put that much effort into it at all.  For all of his matches his opponents end up forfeiting the match in so shape or form.  That's one reason I loved the show.  Just so much crazy stuff happening and lots of parodies of other shows like Dragon Ball Z and a reference to One Piece.  Another goofy element is the censorship for the first season.  Sure there is an uncensored version on DVD, but the censors make it even funnier.  At times it shows this little pink dude that holds up an sign that says "You can't see this" or something in that nature.  There are also many moments when the show breaks " the fourth wall" which make the show even better.
There are tons of great side characters as well for the show.  We have Maria the maid, Klaus the head butler, Tama the English speaking tiger, Ayumu, girl who has a big crush of Hayate, Sakuya, Nagi's cousin who loves jokes, Wataru, Nagi's setup future husband, Hinagiku, the student council president who also loves Hayate, and many more!  While there are lots of side characters, my favorites are easily Maria and Klaus.  Maria is Nagi's maid and she is only 17.  See is so smart that she graduated from high school at 13.  Then we have Klaus.  I don't know why but, I just love this guy.  On funny thing about him is that he actually fell in love with Hayate, who he thought was an angle.
 Maria in a sexy bikini.
 Maria in a sexy bikini.

Besides the side characters, Hayate and Nagi as easily the stars for the show for me.  Hayate is always happy even though he has to work for the rest of his life paying off his debt.  He will do anything for his master and will accomplish anything for her.  Then we have the Nagi, the girl who loves to play video games, read manga, watch anime, and skip school all the time.  Now that sounds like the girlfriend for me, haha.
I guess this raps up my review for Hayate no Gotoku.  Both seasons were fantastic all though I did enjoy the first season more then the second.  If you are looking for one goofy ass show that will entertain you for a while, this is a must watch.
My Score - 5 out of 5.
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