Hayao Miyazaki calls the iPad 'disgusting', compares to masturbation

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 13, 2010. Last post by Bellum 4 years, 8 months ago.
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Would love to see a video of someone faux fapping with their ipad.
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@asian_pride said:
" Haha, this article made my day. "
Agreed...comments like this from sucessful people always bring a smile to my face n_n
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"No Cuts"
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Hmmm... Freud might consider this a slip. Maybe the guy has a secret masturbation addiction. Miyazaki, your fans are always willing and able to help you seek the help you need. I'm sure there's a good clinic in Japan that can oh god I have to stop or I'll laugh myself to death.
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Being that I am an iPad owner I am a bit confused.  Not offended in any way since he's an old man and they always have such colorful ways of saying things.   (Go talk to some WW2 vets while you can people! They're great! :D )  
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Can he really be that stupid?  Furthermore, has he even seen masturbation?  I don't recall ever seeing an ipad/iphone/itouch game or application that requires moving your whole arm back and forth in a continuous motion as fast as possible.  Either that, or his son is using his ipad wrong
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Actually, I'm not very get used to modern technology too! I don't know how to use bluetooth, iPad and iPhone (even I'm only 27 years old)! But I still think it's a problem if someone RESIST the innovation of technology.
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I'm getting tired of hearing all this " It's okay cuz he's made a good movie and he's successful" crap. If someone makes a crap product or make's a stupid comment, I'm not gonna suck them off and bend over for them. If I come off strong, sorry, but I'm tired of these pretentious pricks who make asanine comments getting a pass cuz they made good stuff. And the comment about his movies being good cuz he doesn't live in the 21st century is a perfect example. There are MANY people who makes movies, like Chris Nolan, who use modern technology in their everyday life and still make great, no, BETTER films than Miyazaki. If anyone deserves this "passing off" treatment, it's Frank Miller. His comics and writing are some of the best in the industry. and the thing that people didn't get about The Spirit was that it was intentionally silly and nonsensical. And All-star Batman and Robin was also an intentional satire and was written to be like a bad action movie. If Alan Moore, Yoshiyuki Tomino, or Miyazaki made those, they would've recieved critical acclaim.
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LAWL. You go, old guy! 
Me and my main man Miyazaki, hatin on apple users and takin over the world. 
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