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Topic started by No_name_here on Aug. 8, 2012. Last post by takashichea 2 years, 7 months ago.
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    Well, Studio Ghibli movies are mostly the only animes I like nowadays...


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    Miyazaki is a gaping hole in my anime viewership and I haven't seen a single one of his films. It's mainly because I've always thought of him as the Walt Disney of anime and the last Disney movie I saw was The Lion King when it first came out in theater all the way back when I was in 7th or 8th grade. As far as introducing people through them... personally I probably wouldn't. Maybe it gender mixed group of little kids, but if it was only girls I'd probably put them onto some goofy silly magical girl show. If it was boys, I'd throw Dragon Ball Z in front of them. A lot of the kids at my school already run around during recess shouting kamekamehaaaaa and pummeling each other anyways. If it was someone closer to my age, what I think of as Disney films wouldn't even enter my radar as an introduction.

    Plus, doesn't Miyazaki slam anime all of the time and refers to his films as "manga movies" so that they don't get associated with the filth that is anime? Dude seems pretty uppity and pretentious. That's another reason I haven't bothered to check out any of his movies despite having easy access to them on Netflix and other outlets.

    Oddly enough, my mother has seen multiple Miyazaki ones of them on TV and always refers to them (any anime to be honest) as, "movies like Evangelion" due me introducing her to anime through that series.

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    Since trying to introduce people to anime thru my podcast i was shocked to hear people even tell me they don't think Ghibli films should be classed as anime...and yeah like the guy said in the video other anime is just so different from it, it has proven to have the oppisite effect as a gateway anime and more of a get peole into 2D disney movies thing....yeah i know that is ridiculous but thats how ALOT of people think.

    In fact to take it one step further i know alot of people are not even aware that the Ghibli movies are Japanese creations due to them being distrobuted by Disney...which is ignorance at its finest

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    The recent Ghibli films I watched, Ponyo and Totoro, were good but lacked a good conflict/ climax. They are good for children. I don't think they are enough to get them into anime. They won't even associate it as anime and call it a cartoon.

    My guess for the best gateway to anime were the classics such as Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, and Black Jack.

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