Hawk is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Hork is a talking pig that travels with Meliodas in his search for the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins.


It is unclear when Hawk became Meliodas' partner, however it is indicated to be after the Seven Deadly Sins disbanded in the past, partially due to Hawk's apparent young age and also because none of the other Deadly Sins knew of Hawk when they rejoined Meliodas.


Hawk is one of the main protagonists created by Suzuki Nakaba for the series The Seven Deadly Sins



Hawk is quite a large pig, easily being as large or larger than the largest Sows. However, Hawk's relative size compared to that of his mother is akin to to a baby piglet next to a sow. He is nowhere near the size of his mother who is larger that the Boar Hat Restaurant by a good margin. It can be assumed that Hawk will reach a similar size when he grows into an adult pig. He has stark pink skin with large ears. His snout is larger than a typical one and he has prominent eyelashes, distinguishable at a good distance. He has clover shaped brown patches on his back and an eye ring with the words "Star Boar" engraved.


Hawk has a rather conceited view of himself. He is always demanding proper respect and claims that he is stronger than all of the Deadly Sins. He is quick to make friends however and cares about his companions quite a bit. He will allow them to ride on his back and will leap into a fray to assist them when they are cornered, although this typically proves to not be helpful.


  • Meliodas - Despite Hawk being Meliodas' pet, he has a casual and argumentative relationship with him. While obviously caring about one another, Hawk often demands respect from Meliodas. Likewise, Meliodas jokingly will kick Hawk away or threaten to turn him into pork and eat him.
  • Elizabeth - Hawk seems to like Elizabeth a lot. Probably because she is one of the people who shows the most respect and admiration for him. Hawk has gone through strenuous lengths to protect and help Elizabeth on several occasions.
  • Ban - Despite Ban's personality, he is strangely respectful and friendly towards Hawk. Hawk acknowledges this and has let Ban ride or rest on his back several times.
  • Diane - The two are close comrades, but Hawk is a bit scared of Diane, largely because of her size and how much she eats. When she stated she needs to eat a whole cow, Hawk became frightened and questioned how many pigs it would take to fill her stomach, clearly concerned that she might be considering him as possible food.
  • Hawk's Mother - Hawk's relationship with his mother is a bit vague, but the two of them always travel together along with the Deadly Sins. Hawk's mother does not seem to speak the human language like Hawk does.

Story Arcs

Forest of White Dreams Arc

Hawk with the rest of the Boar Hat group traveled to the Forest of White Dreams where they had heard that one of the Seven Deadly Sins was residing. Once in the forest, a Prankster Imp magically created several Hawks and Elizabeths. Meliodas was unable to distinguish the real Hawk and Diane. He eventually resorted to perverse methods to find the real Elizabeth, knowing that the real Elizabeth would only go so far whereas the fake ones followed his instructions. He dispatched the fake Elizabeths in a flash. Hawk however was not given the same courtesy. Despite him trying to persuade Meliodas that he was the real Hawk, Meliodas dealt with the situation by badly beating all the Hawks present, the real Hawk being included in the beating. After all the fake Hawks and Elizabeths were dealt with, they realized that it was a Prankster Imp who fled the scene. The proceeded through the forest and quickly came across a resting Giant. She awoke and nearly assaulted Meliodas but she recognized him and stopped. The Giant was Diane, the Serpent's sin of Envy, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

After getting reacquainted, they were suddenly attacked by lighting magic, which bound them. It was Gilthunder's doing and he revealed himself to the group. Hawk attempted to break the magic but Gilthunder electrocuted him, then kicked him off into the distance. Gilthunder however, was abruptly defeated after Meliodas tricked him into giving him information on the whereabouts of Ban and King. Then Diane hurled him away with her massive strength all the way to another town. Right after that, Hawk made his way back to the group after being sent flying from Gilthunder's kick.

Baste Dungeon Arc

After the events of the Forest of White Dreams, the Boar Hat group traveled to Dalmaty to find a Doctor to treat an injured Meliodas. Holy Knight Fresia attempted to attack them with his bugs but Hawk protected Elizabeth while Diane dispatched the bugs, then went hunt down Fresia himself.

Hawk and Elizabeth went back to Meliodas, but the doctor said he could not save Meliodas. The truth was that the doctor had poisoned Meliodas in an attempt to kill him. Suddenly another Holy Knight named Golgius appeared. He was after Meliodas' sword for reasons yet unknown. Hawk attempted to stop him but failed. Golgius grabbed the sword but was halted by Meliodas who grabbed his arm, surprising everyone present as Meliodas was thought to be near death. Meliodas struck fear in Golgius and the latter fled out the window.

Hawk managed to locate Golgius with his nose. As the Boar hat was about to go after him, the doctor who had tried to kill Meliodas confessed that he only did so by the order of the Holy Knights as they had taken his daughter captive and blackmailed him into doing it. But Golgius abruptly appeared again and stabbed the doctor in the back, figuratively and literally. Hawk and the rest fled into an old tower to hide from Golgius. Once inside, Meliodas devised a plan to deal with Golgius. Indeed, Golhgius appeared in his teleport-like fashion once again but Meliodas was ready for him and quickly dealt with him.

After dealing with Golgius, the Boar Hat headed to Baste Dungeon to retrieve Ban, the Sin of Greed. When they arrived at the dungeon, they infiltrated it, but they bumped into Ban in the corridor as he had already feed himself. Meliodas and Ban greet each other in their "special" way by arm wrestling. But their combined might was so powerful that they brought the entire Baste Dungeon to the ground despite it being reinforced further with magic. Once out of the Dungeon, Ban says that now the four of them should get along, referring to Meliodas, Diane, Elizabeth and himself. Hawk was quick to correct him though and said that it was the five of them not four, greatly surprising Ban that Hawk was a talking pig. Ban had assumed that Hawk was just Diane's next meal, which offended Hawk. The five of them then set out for The Capital of the Dead next to find King the Bear's sin of Sloth next.

Capital of the Dead Arc

Powers & Abilities

Despite appearing as a simple pig and often getting easily defeated, Hawk actually has some combat prowess.

  • Enhanced Durability - Hawk has shown a high level of durability on more than one occasion. He was able to withstand Guila's explosive attack, receiving burns but surviving.
  • Heightened Sense of Smell - As a pig, Hawk naturally has a keen sense of smell. Hawk claims that he can smell food scraps up to 1.2 miles away.
  • Super Pork Loin Illusion - Moving at surprising speed, Hawk dashes about creating after images of himself as his real body rams into the intended target. He used this technique to dent a thick iron dungeon door and knock it off it's hinges.
  • Rolling Ham Attack - Hawk performs a series of somersaults towards the enemy and crashes into them, crushing them to the ground.
Voiced by
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Misaki Kuno
General Information Edit
Name: Hawk
Gender: Unknown
1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
1st anime episode: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hork
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