Havoc is a anime/manga character in the Darker than Black franchise
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Havoc is a Forfeiter and a former team member of Hei, Amber, and Pai.


Born Carmine, much about her history before joining the Syndicate is unknown or when she adopted the pseudonym Havoc. What is known is that like most others, she obtained her powers as a Contractor some time before the disappearance of Heaven's Gate when Hell's Gate first appeared in Japan ten years ago. Using her powers as an agent, she often worked with Hei, Pai, and Amber. However, at the end of Heaven's War, the Gate in South America disappeared along with most of the continent as she found herself across the ocean in Europe with her powers dormant. Unable to use her Contractor abilities any more, what is referred to as a Forfeiter, she decided to become invisible as Havoc saw this as a second chance at life where she could forget all that she had done. Moving from country to country, she had numerous encounters with small families and jobs in order to scrape by. Eventually Havoc settled in a brothel somewhere in East Europe before being discovered by MI-6.


Havoc was created by Tensai Okamura for the anime series Darker than Black. She makes her first appearance in Episode 5: Red Giant over Eastern Europe Part 1. She is voiced by Naomi Shindo in the Japanese version and Luci Christian in the English version.

Character Evolution

As any other Contractor, Havoc operated ruthlessly as a killing machine for the Syndicate to use as she felt nothing for the murders and destruction she committed. Emotionless and brutal, once Havoc lost her abilities, she began to reflect upon the deeds she had committed with disgust and remorse. Even after she escaped South America, she seemed to care very little about herself or her own well being as she wanted to erase everything that happened to her. However, she knew that there would be no escape for those with supernatural abilities such as herself.

Major Story Arcs

Red Giant Over Eastern Europe

After going into hiding in a European brothel, Havoc was located by MI-6 agents November 11, April, and July after the trio killed her pimp and his bodyguards. The British government decided to send her to Japan to be studied by PANDORA as Section 4 oversees the British agents' trip. The scientists run their test as Misaki Kirihara is briefed about Havoc's abilities and past as she wonders why the British government would allow the Japanese to study Havoc as opposed to keeping the information for themselves. November explains that in part, Havoc may possess latent knowledge of the Heaven's Gate disappearance as well as mutual collision is best. At that time, the helicopter transporting Havoc is hijacked by the CIA though November predicted this play as he reveals Havoc to be in the trunk of their escort car. Deciding to take her into hiding, the group is ambushed by Hei and his team as Misaki and her team witness the power of the MI-6 agents as contractors and the legendary BK 201. Havoc is taken by the Syndicate but Huang and Mao discover Hei has moved her to a derelict restaurant as he tortures her, wanting information about his sister Pai and her whereabouts.

After some beatings, Havoc convinces Hei that she knows nothing along with the revelation that Hei is not a true Contractor as he has no payment for his powers. Over dinner, Havoc breaks down as she tells him about her history in Romania as she believes that maybe like her and Hei, Pai is alive somewhere, given a second chance at life that the gate provided. She decides that if she can regain her memories that she can help Hei, demanding that she be taken to Hell's Gate as they know that somewhere in the area, Contractors react to the power there. However, she begs Hei that if her powers begin to spark up again, that he kill her as she does not want to go back to the way she was before. Honoring her request, Hei takes Havoc to Hell's Gate as Yin and July discover their location and headings.

Both the Syndicate and Section 4 make an advance on Havoc as Misaki gets the report that Havoc's star is becoming active once more, a sign her powers are returning to her. Havoc can sense the abilities coming back to her along with memories as she doesn't want to keep going but agrees to do so for Hei's sake. The progress does not work though as she demands to die, Hei opting instead to get her out of the gate. As they retreat, the two come across November and April as Havoc is impaled by several icicles. Dying in an alley, Havoc is glad that she did not become a monster once more as she dies in peace, saddened that she could not help Hei as she intended.

It is later revealed that while Havoc's powers were active that she chose not to use them; cementing the change she wanted to keep for herself.

Powers and Abilities

Largely believed to control the power of earth and create earthquakes, Havoc's power is actually the ability to create space vacuums that result in destruction similar to earthquakes. While never seen in person, it was reported that during Heaven's War, she was one of the more dangerous Contractors that existed in the conflict. Her payment required her to drink the blood of children, an act that she has grown disgusted with. Her star number is never revealed.

Voiced by
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Luci Christian
Naomi Shindo
General Information Edit
Name: Havoc
Name: ハヴォック
Romanji: Havokku
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Darker than BLACK #5
1st anime movie:
Aliases Carmine
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Earth Manipulation
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Matter Absorption
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