Hastur is a anime/manga character in the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san franchise
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A male (yes, I kid you not, that's a dude) Hasturan who was Nyarko's and Kuko's classmate in space elementary school.


Hastur is one of the main characters featured in Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos; another alien being that originated from the H.P. Lovecraft novels. He used to go to space elementary school both with Nyarko and Cthugha, and is now residing in Mahiro Yasaka's home. Hastur is the son of the CEO of CCE (which is a parody of video game publisher Sony Computer Entertainment) and was sent to retrieve intel from Mahiro's mother. Hastur possesses the ability to control wind. It has been hinted that he is stronger than Nyarko and Cthugha, since he was the one who would always end their fights back in space elementary school.


Hastur is an alien and a friend of Nyarko and Cthugha since they were in kinder garden, elementary school and used to be the president of the students council. He used to work as librarian but quit his after his father asked for his help. His father wanted him locate Mahiro mother so they can gather information about earth entertainment. During his search bumped into Mahrio who helped him get up after falling. Hastur thanked the human for being a good person and left on his way. Later he encountered Mahrion again who invited him for a burger which Hastur liked. Mahrio wasn't aware that that Hastur was a boy despite his feminine look and being an alien untill Nyarko and Cthugha came along and explained. The friends discovers that Hastur is looking for Mahiro mother. While heading home Cthugha pushed Hastur against Mahiro and told him he and Hauster should become a couple and leave Nyarko for her much to Nyarko anger, however, Hastur seemed to like the idea. Everyone wondered why Hastur father wanted him to find Yoriko Yasaka but Hastur didn't know the details and Nyarko came up withe nonsense of the two may used to be married and Hastur must be Mahiro brother much to Mahiro annoyance. Hastur didn't like the idea not that he sees Mahiro as a bad person to be his brother but if it was true thay can't be "lovers" much to Mahiro dismay.

When the group reached home Yoriko was taken by a strange woman who was assisted by Cthugha and Hastur volunteered to help get her back. Going by see the trio were attacked by a group of deep ones and Mahiro almost drowned and after reaching the beach Hastur had to give Mahiro mouth-to-mouth to save his life which considered to be his first kiss. Hastur confessed his love for Mahiro which lead an embarrassed Mahiro to trick him into believing that if his feeling him didn't change after 25 million years he may consider them. After discovering that Yoriko was wanted to be a gaming console Hastur decided to tell his father to leave Yoriko be. Hastur left but returned and enrolled in Mahiro school under the name Hasuta Yasaka and when asked if he is related to Mahiro he answered that Mahiro is very important to him.

While on a trip Nyarko started to spread a lie that she carrying Mahiro child which socked Hastur to the point of making him run crying. Later while on the beach Hastur told Mahiro that he can love him and the child and they can take and raise the child together before being punched away by Nyarko. Hastur was sad for not being able to go on a date with when Mahiro went with out with Nyarko to cheer her up.

The group went shopping and when Mahiro came across a strange game and everyone got trapped inside it and Mahiro had to chose a lover so they can get out and one of the choices he had to chose from was Hastur. However, in the end no one had memory of what happened inside the game except Mahiro.

Voiced by
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Rie Kugimiya
General Information Edit
Name: Hastur
Name: ハス太
Romanji: Hasuta
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos #4
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hasuta
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Wind Bursts
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