Haruna is a anime/manga character in the Is this a Zombie? franchise
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A self-proclaimed 'masō-shōjo' from a magical world who wields a chainsaw named Mystletainn and battles demons known as Megalos.


Haruna lives in the world of Virie, which is a place of full of other magical girl or "Masou Shoujo". By a request from her sensei who is named Dai, her training makes her proceed to the human world and fight Megalo's and there she met Ayumu. But without hesitation she kills both Ayumu and the Bear-like megalo for the sake of her training, little did she know that Ayumu is still alive and got her magic forcing her to stay in his house while figuring out how to get her magic back from him.


Haruna is designed by Shinobu Tagashira, and she has no information on what inspires the creator to create her at this moment. She first appears in Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 1. Her Japanese voice actress is Iori Nomizu, and her Funimation voice actress is Jad Saxton.



Haruna seems to be the the youngest among the group and she has a child-like appearance just Eucliwood. She has short brown hair, purple eyes and a snaggle tooth or fang making her a common look of a typical Tsundere. Since she often stays at Ayumu's house due to not having her magic back, she wears only a over-sized shirt and her panties.


Since she has a snaggle tooth, which is a common trait of Tsundere, it is implied that she is Tsundere which means that she has a rude attitude towards a certain person yet having feelings for him. She acts this way around Ayumu. Especially when she learns that Ayumu has been engaged to Yuki Yoshida due to the vampire ninja's customs (when a vampire ninja kisses a person, they are married), she gets very jealous at Ayumu. At certain times when Ayumu is with Yuki, she will show an angry expression towards them which she will at times tries to separate them or beat Ayumu to a bloody pulp.


When it comes to Ayumu she is bit harsh of angry at him yet she secretly has feelings for him which she doesn't like to show. Despite calling Ayumu a pervert, She has great respect and a friendly attitude towards him which is also true for Seraphim.

Note: According to Dai, Haruna tends to forget people's names and for some reason, she remembers Ayumu's name.

For Eucliwood, She has a great friendly relationship with her and is willing to change her attitude cause of her being slap in the face by Eucliwood when haruna said that Ayumu should Die instead. It is shown in Season 2 when Eu was sick, Seraphim said that she acts as big sister making her have a more stronger bond with her. She helps her sing in the OVA by lending her magic to suppress Eucliwood's powers.

For Seraphim, Haruna does get jealous of Seraphim's breasts. (Noted in the bath time scene) They are good friends as well.

Powers & Abilities

As Masho Shojo is able to wield Mysteltainn a magical pink chainsaw that could almost through everything. She gains the ability to transform into one by following a certain chant that is used by all Masou Shojo in the world of Villiers

"Nomobuyo oshi hashitawa dokeda gunmicha de ribura!". The meaning of this chant is "Lovely and charming, but a harbinger of death!"(Raburī de Chāmingu dakedo, watashi wa shi wo yobumono!) recited in reverse japanese.

Other than that she also has other abilities as well

  • Memory Manipulation - In order for Masou Shoujo to keep their affairs against Megalo a secret to the general public, Masou Shoujo are equipped with the ability to erase or change a person's memories. The most basic of memory manipulation only needs physical contact to work, but large-scale memory wipes are possible, although how it is done is unknown. Only those with magic from a Masou Shoujo are immune to another Masou Shoujo's memory manipulation abilities. Destroying the weapon needed for transformation renders the Masou Shoujo unable to use this ability.
  • Erecting Barriers - The most basic ability for all Masou Shoujo, it consists of summoning a barrier that can be used in a variety of ways. While Haruna has demonstrated the defensive capabilities of a barrier, Kyoko has once used a barrier to immobilize Ayumu in one occasion. Creating a barrier is taught to them as part of their training and can be used without transforming
Voiced by
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Jad Saxton
Iori Nomizu
General Information Edit
Name: Haruna
Name: ハルナ
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Is this a Zombie? #1
1st anime movie:
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