Haruka Morishima Arc Chapter 2: Approach

Haruka Morishima Arc Chapter 2: Approach is an anime episode of Amagami SS that was released on 07/08/2010

Plot Summary

Junichi does not handle little sleep well
Junichi does not handle little sleep well

Junichi emerges from his closet planitarium the next morning looking terrible. His Class Rep, Tsukasa, sends him to the infirmary because of it. The first bed Junichi goes to climb into at the infirmary is occupied however, with a sleeping Haruka. Haruka wakes up to a flustered Junichi. She explains that she stayed up too late the night before watching television and decided to borrow a bed in the infirmary. Junichi is surprised with Haruka's unphased cheerful mood, after rejecting him the previous day. Haruka shrugs it off saying that you don't have to be in a relationship with someone to get along with them. Junichi asks Haruka what she looks for in a guy, outside of being older and responsible, and she rattles off a number of qualities before discarding them all. And with that, she leaves. Junichi makes his way back to class looking refreshed and cheery, full with the knowledge that he can still talk to Haruka.

Toughness, Charisma and Leadership = Pro Wrestling?
Toughness, Charisma and Leadership = Pro Wrestling?

The next day, intent on gaining Toughness, Charisma and Leadership, Junichi starts practicing Pro-Wrestling moves with Masayoshi. In the midst of the horseplay Haruka shows up and wants to join in, much to the bewilderment of Junichi and Masayoshi. Hibiki arrives next and Haruka tries to rope her into a two-on-two match. Ever the wet blanket, Hibiki points out that all the equipment has been put away and it's time to go home. Haruka suggests the four of them walk home together, and blushing, the boys accept. On the way home Junichi comments on how well known and popular Haruka is. Masayoshi tells him part of her secret is that Haruka had joined and left many clubs. Hibiki interjects with the incident where all the popular guys in the Junior and Senior classes confessed to Haruka on the same day, and she was left running all over school to reject them. Masayoshi asks Haruka what she'd do if someone she'd previously rejected confessed to her again, and she says she'd probably reject them again. Crushed, Junichi stops as the other three continue to walk home.

The next morning once again finds Junichi sleep deprived. Haruka cheerfully greets Miya and Junichi and once again Miya gives Haruka the cold shoulder and runs off. Junichi chases after her and confronts her about her behaviour. Miya tells him its because when Haruka says hello he's all grins, something that he never even does to her, his own sister.

In class, Junichi mopes and stares out the window, until he's hit with a crumpled up drawing that says "you look retarded". Kaouru only grins back. This starts a small back and forth volley between the two before the teacher breaks it up. Citing a part-time job, Kaoru dodges the cleaning duty punishment.

Walking down the hallway after class with a trashbin, Junichi runs into a frantic Haruka, looking for a girl's swimsuit. After her suggestion to borrow Miya's is turned down, she decides to borrow one from a swim team member. Haruka takes off in pursuit of some swim time, dragging Junichi behind her.

Haruka shows off her borrowed swimsuit
Haruka shows off her borrowed swimsuit

Waiting for Haruka, Junichi takes in the lovely view of the girls in their swimsuits, until confronted by Ai, who wants to know what a guy with a trash bin is doing at the pool. Before any further questioning can occur, Haruka reappears to cheerfully show off her borrowed swimsuit. Just as she is about to dive in though, an irritated Hibiki, captain of the swim club, stops her, stating non-members are not allowed.


Hoping to cheer Haruka up, Junichi suggests the two of them go to the library to look at pictures of cute dogs. In the library, Junichi runs into Rihoko, who quickly hides the dieting book she was looking at behind her. Junichi arrives back at the desk to find Haruka fast asleep. Time passes and Haruka awakens. As she starts to peruse the books Junichi found, he confesses to her a second time. After some awkward back and forth, numerous apologies from Junichi, and Haruka in the end admitting to not minding that he likes her, she reaches over the table and kisses him on the forehead, and leaves.

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Yoshimasa Hiraike Director
Hiroaki Goda Character Artist/Designer
Noboru Kimura Writer
Toshiyuki Omori Music


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