Hare Menjou

Hare Menjou is a anime/manga character in the Guilty Crown franchise
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One of the supporting characters of Guilty Crown. She is Shu Ouma's classmate, and she is also part of the motion picture research club.


Young Hare
Young Hare

When Hare is on the verge of death and begins using her life force to revive Shu, she remembers reading a book about a kind king in her childhood.


Hare Menjou is created by Redjuice Graphics; she has no current information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Guilty Crown episode 1, Genesis. Her Japanese voice actress is Yu Shimamura.


You're like that king, Shu...the way you lose out because of your kindness...You know what? I think you're going to be a great king. So...

Ep. 15


She is a beautiful and young girl who has brown hair and ponytails. Her school uniform consists of a modest sweater vest, a red ribbon, black socks (almost knee high), and a short miniskirt.


Hare is a cheerful and regular girl. She cares about her friends; when it comes to love confessions, she is quite bashful about it. Also, she has complete faith in her friends especially Shu and Yahiro whose friendship has its ups and downs due to the death of Jun (Yahiro's brother) and Shu's involvement with the Funeral Parlor.


Hare and Shu Ouma
Hare and Shu Ouma
Shu Ouma - Hare has a crush on Shu, yet she cannot confess her feelings for him. Kanon tries to get them together to help her in one episode. When Shu is traumatized by his decision in taking Jun's life, Hare slaps Shu for being a jerk because Shu took advantage of her. She also resents that fact that Shu try to substitute her for Inori.

Love Confession: In episode 15, she finds Shu hanging out in an abandoned factory. Shu tells her that he doesn't want to discriminate his friends with Yahiro's Void Ranking system. Hare hugs him close and tells him that he is always kind. Finally, Hare confesses her feelings for Shu. Though, she is still embarrassed and tells Shu not to look at her.
Her Classmates
Her Classmates
Souta, Kanon, Yahiro, and Arisa - She has a strong bond with her classmates, and when the three doubt Shu, she tells them to believe in Shu. She is often worried about Yahiro ever since Yahiro and Shu's friendship declined due to the events that involved the death of Jun. During season 2, Hare, Arisa, Yahiro, and Kanon work together to help Shu maintain order in the school.
Funeral Parlor Ladies
Funeral Parlor Ladies
Inori, Ayase, and Tsugumi - She is good friends with the Funeral Parlor ladies, and they work together to help out the school such as the festival. During the flower folding origami, Hare and Ayase have a little chat about how things are going. Hare thanks Ayase for her pep talk and compliments on how beautiful Ayase's flowers are. They bathe with each other. In one of those scenes, she comments how Inori's skin is so fair.

Story Arcs

Season 1

She first seen with Shu on the train to school. Despite her minor role in the story, she plays an important role. She cares about her friends, Yahiro and Shu. She worries about them and constantly asks her friends about them. When she and Shu bump into Yahiro on the train, Shu tells her to go shopping as he deals with Yahiko. However, Hare follows Shu and Yahiro to find out more them. She soon finds out that Shu has the power to pull out Voids and is capable of destroying Enclaves when Yahiro and his brother, Jun, were caught in a battle with Daryl and GHQ. She finds the startling truth when Shu confesses to Yahiro that he killed Jun.

Hare asks Shu about her Void
Hare asks Shu about her Void

At school, Hare finds Shu who is traumatized about his incident with Yahiro and his fumble with the mission to get back the "Rock." She asks Shu if something's wrong, yet Shu doesn't answer her and evades her questions. Later, Shu hits on Hare and tells her that he knows she loves him. As Shu grabs Hare's hand and tries to get closer to her, Hare slap him. She explains that she loves the Shu who is honest as she cries. When the events of Apocalyptic viral genome resonance is activated, Shu asks Hare and his friends to help him rescue Funeral Parlor. Shu uses Hare as a demonstration of his King's powers when Yahiro ask him to reveal the truth. After Shu has pulled Hare's Void, he confesses that he is guilty of using his friends. With that confession said, Hare joins Shu and his friends to rescue Inori.

Season 2

Hare's death
Hare's death

Hare and her friends are stuck in school due to the blockade by GHQ to quarantine the sick. When Shu becomes president, Hare helps him by telling him that he is always kind. After Hare hugs Shu closely to her bosom, she confesses to him about her feelings. When Shu hears that, Hare tells him not to look at her. Their moment together ends after Shu gets a call about Souta and his group attempting to prove themselves. Shu is still indecisive about using Yahiro's Void Ranking System which discriminates everyone. Souta takes a group of students to raid a hospital for its vaccine in order to prove themselves. Shu and Hare find them, but Daryl and the Endlave attacks them. While Shu tries to distract them, Souta tells Hare to fix the car, but Daryl fires at them. Shu tries to save her. Moments later, Hare finds that Shu is dead, and she tries to revive him using her life force. As she bleeds slowly, a helicopter fires at her and severs the bandages. At the same time, she remembers reading a book about a kind king and believes Shu is that king. She manages to revive Shu, and she succumbs to her wounds. Then, Shu wakes up to see Hare's lifeless body. Shu tries to wake her up, but Hare's body disintegrates and shatters in his arms.

Days after Hare's death, Shu becomes a dictator, and when Shu sees a school girl die after her Void breaks, Shu realizes that this is how Hare died. A few years after the events that Shu and the others stop Mana's 4th apocalypse and Gai, Shu's friends celebrate Hare's birthday, and Shu arrives late.

Powers and Abilities

Hare healing a girl
Hare healing a girl

Although she has no attacks, her Void is bandages that heals machinery, people, and infrastructure like bridges. It can also be used as a rope to swing to place to place. Shu is the one who pulls out her Void.

Hare can use her life energy to revive Shu who is dead. Sadly, she dies in the process.

Voiced by
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Yu Shimamura
General Information Edit
Name: Hare Menjou
Name: 校条祭
Romanji: Menjou Hare
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime movie:
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