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Ten-year-old Haré lives in a jungle village with his pretty mother, Weda, who is something of a hippie-she had Haré out of wedlock, and left her well-to-do home in the big city because the carefree jungle life suited her better. Weda adopts a little blonde orphan girl named Guu, who seems like a sweet, innocent little sister for dark-skinned, blue-haired Haré, though she is short-tempered and has a voracious appetite. Then he learns that she's really a glutinous mind-reading alien with an interdimensional portal in her stomach through which weird creatures and objects emerge to cause trouble for him. She's also a typical kid sister-she teases and tyrannizes Haré mercilessly but is fiercely loyal to him and seems to feel it's her duty to teach him about life outside the jungle and help him grow up. An old suitor of Weda's, Dr. Clive, shows up to disturb the balance of Haré's peaceful life even further, in a new variation on the Doraemon premise, based on the long-running Shonen GanGan manga by Renjuro Kindaichi. The TV series spun off two video series: Haré + Guu Deluxe (2002) in which Haré deals with a wacky substitute teacher and Weda gets pregnant again; and Haré + Guu Final (2002), in which Weda takes the children to visit her mother in the city. Haré goes to school there and falls for a pretty girl named Rita, but what are kid sisters for if not to mess up a budding romance? Presumably the two video serials were originally intended as a third 13-episode TV season, but the show was taken off-air early.

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General Information Edit
Name Haré + Guu
Name: ジャングルはいつもハレのちグゥ
Romaji: Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu
Publisher ?
Start Year 2001
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Aliases It Was Nice in the Jungle Then Along Came Guu
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