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The Hardsuits are highly advanced powered armored suits worn by the Knight Sabers as their primary weapon. Aside from protecting them, it also enables them to engage in combat with rouge boomers and destroy them.


When Genom murdered Dr. Katsuhito Stingray to acquire his Boomer technology, they failed to realize that the benevolent doctor had other technologies that he was developing and secreted away. Such as his breakthrough research in mechatronics which his daughter, Sylia would later apply towards turning his ideas into reality. Her pioneering efforts led to the the development of a unique combat armor. This was the birth of the Hardsuit which is the core of the Knight Sabers' technologies.

Knight Sabers in Armor
Knight Sabers in Armor

Decades ahead of any comparable armor system and far surpassing any military hardware, the Hardsuit is a combat multiplier; able to vastly increase the physical abilities and attributes of the wearer to superhuman levels and enable them to actually engage in combat with boomers and not only survive, but win.

Because each wearer is unique, so too must each Hardsuit be adjusted and synchronized to their body and physical capabilities in order for them to maximize it's performance. Because of this, each Hardsuit is extensively customized and personalized to each individual wearer and their combat style and function in the Knight Sabers.

For example; Nene Romanova as the electronic warfare specialist has advanced sensor systems, computers, and jamming gear; Linna Yamazaki's is designed to augment her speed, agility, and manueverability as befitting her role as the hit and run specialist; Priss Asagiri is a walking tank with an emphasis on brute strength and heavy armament; and Sylia Stingray' suit is designed to be exceptionally strong armor and long range weaponry as she is intended to defend Nene while supporting both Priss and Linna.

Although each Hardsuit is unique with various specialized accessories, they all share certain common basic design features and elements such as:

Soft Suit / Innerwear

The command and control interface for each Hardsuit, each operator must wear a formfitting spandex-like body suit before donning the Hardsuit itself. This inner wear is a special electronic sensory film that actually reads the wearer's movements via the electrical signals flowing through their muscles and nerve endings and then directly translates that information into useable data that is transmitted directly into the Hardsuit. This greatly increases the responsiveness of the Hardsuit and is the secret behind the Hardsuit's superiority as a combat platform. Each operator must ALWAYS wear this innerwear in order to control the Hardsuit as they cannot plug into the control systems without one. In addition, each wearer must strip down and don the Soft Suit completely naked. No street clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, or bras can be worn as they would interfere with the electronic sensors.

Ceramic and Metal Alloy Exoskeleton Armor

The Hardsuit is constructed out of a ceramic and metal alloy armor plating that is invulnerable to small arms fire as well as highly resistant towards heat and pressure and can also absorb momentum-based impacts. Combined, this renders the suits highly resistant towards damage and protecting the wearer from a wide range of attacks including both lasers and particle weaponry. The Hardsuit is fully NBC-rated (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) and Fusion-proof towards the more advanced Combat Boomers' ability to absorb matter and integrate it into it's biology. The Hardsuits provides full life support and temperature control for several hours. Each Hardsuit has a complex set of layered truss of flat-actuated linear motors which work to amplify the wearer's movements and augment it, increasing the wearer's strength by a factor of 9 to 10 times.

Heads-Up Displays (HUDs)

Helmet Raised
Helmet Raised

Each Hardsuit's helmet actually consists of two separate visors. The first is a fully armored crash helmet that covers the entire head of the wearer and also protects the wearer's identity. The inner layer is a transparent synthetic visor that actually is a programmable sandwiched video layers that projects data and real-time images of the surroundings of the helmet. Thus, the wearer has a full field of vision despite that their featureless helmets don't seem to have eye slots or openings and saves the wearer from looking around for a specific instrumentation readout in combat.

The Hardsuit can also provide a wealth of sensor data to the wearer including radar, heat sensors, night vision, GPS (global positioning system) and targeting points.

Jump Jets

Each Hardsuit has a main vernier rocket nozzle located on the suit's back for jet-propelled leaps as well as a pair of jump jets located in the hips to assist in aerial maneuvering. Although these do not provide true flight capabilities, these jump jets enables the wearer to perform incredible leaps across vast distances or vertical leaps up large structures, boosting their speed for attacks, or even slowing down falls from tremendous heights.


Each suit is provided with gruntlets that send out powerful kinetic energy, causing explosions on impact. These are quick charged and are easy to use for all the Sabers. These are used in most, if not all, battles. The energy is charged up in the arm of the suit and then sent out through the knuckles of the gruntlets, giving maximum damage to the impacted area.

Motorslave Interface System

Hardsuit w/ Motorslave
Hardsuit w/ Motorslave

Created as a multipurpose personal support system for the Hardsuits, the Motorslave is an advanced mecha that can transform into three distinct forms. The first is a Motorcycle Mode which is a one-person transport vehicle that can support a Hardsuit; the second is a humanoid robot that can be operated by wireless remote control that can function as a remote drone and scout; and the third and final form is the Motorslave Mode which actually encapsulates the Hardsuit itself and attaches to seven universal hardpoints which all of the Hardsuits possess. When in this mode form, the Motorslave vastly increases the Hardsuit's physical strength, power, and armor for high-intensity combat situations as well as granting them with full flight capabilities and is armed with a hand cannon that is equivalent to a modern day tank.

Hardsuit Priss

Extensively based on the original designs of Dr. Stingray, Hardsuit Priss was created with an emphasis on assault and heavy combat. Her Hardsuit is designed to complement Priss’ brawler style of fighting and tendency to wade in and deliver punishing blows to her opponents while ignoring any pain or counterattacks she may suffer. As a result, her Hardsuit is substantially armored and with the second-best strength amplification endomusculature with a strength multiplier of 9.12 which is only surpassed by Hardsuit Sylia.

This enables Hardsuit Priss to be slightly less bulkier and lighter than Sylia’s suit in exchange for greater flexibility and speed for hand to hand or melee combat. As a result, Hardsuit Priss is optimized for combat at long, medium, and close ranges—making it the true solider unit of the quartet.

The right armature of the Hardsuit is armed with a high-powered laser which can unleash a laser wide-angled burst or as concentrated beam. It also has three railguns which each discharge a 35-centimeter long armor piercing needle which can penetrate even the toughest Boomer shell. There is sufficient ammunition space to carry 18 needles.

Overall, Hardsuit Priss weighs 76.00 kg when fully loaded.

  • Hardsuit Priss 2033 Upgrade (Mark I)

After Priss’ Hardsuit was wrecked in 2033 by Largo’s Hyperboomers, Priss was forced to utilize a new (and unfinished) model for a short time. The drastically slimmed armor plating was even tougher than the previous model yet much more form fitting and lighter and allowed the endomusculature to upgraded even further, enhancing Priss’ strength amplification by a factor of 9.80.

The ever increasing durability and more advanced Boomer armor apparently led to the abandonment of long range weapons on Priss’ Hardsuit in favor of more powerful close range weapons. The signature railgun in the right armature was swapped out with a Knuckle Bomber similar to Hardsuit Linna’s which uses a series of explosive caps mounted on the knuckles of the right hand. These caps detonate on impact to create a shaped explosive charge—giving Priss a deadly right hook. Priss could utilize the explosive caps five times before they were exhausted and had to be replaced.

The right armature of the Hardsuit still contained a high-powered laser that was slightly modified and enhanced. Although still capable of discharging a laser wide-angled burst or focused beam, the power output was increased—although this degraded the maximum range of the laser from the previous model. A new feature were a series of rocket nozzles located on the Hardsuit’s ankles which allowed Priss to initiate rocket propelled bursts for a high-speed sprints as well as accelerating her kicks.

  • Hardsuit Priss 2033 Upgrade (Mark II)

Like the other Knight Sabers who received upgraded Hardsuits models near the end of 2033, the finalized version of Hardsuit Priss was also completed for service use. Like the Mark I, it contains the same drastically slimmed armor plating and the upgraded endomusculature.

The right armature still contains the high-powered laser for beam or burst mode discharge and the Knuckle Bomber. In addition however, the armature was slightly redesigned to allow for a rack of 3 S-Mines. Not only magnetic but adhesive, Priss could slap these time-delayed bombs onto Boomers and they would detonate with sufficient explosive force to completely destroy a domestic-class Boomer model or inflict significant damage to a military-grade Boomer. Hardsuit Priss could store up to 3 S-Mines, each of which possessed twice the destructive force of a single Knuckle Bomber-enhanced blow.

A new modification was that the left armature now boasted the Knuckleguard, a swing-hinged high-impact electromagnetic punching weapon to enhance Priss’ blows. Although the Knuckleguard did not equal to the destructive power of the Knuckle Bomber, it was rechargeable which meant it could be used repeatedly unlike the Knuckle Bomber.

The rocket nozzles located on the Hardsuit’s ankles which allowed Priss to initiate a rocket propelled bursts for a high-speed sprints as well as accelerating her kicks were unchanged but the Mark II added Leg Bombers, similar to the Knuckle Bomber which uses a series of explosive caps that extended before impact to create a shaped detonation. Hardsuit Priss had a set on each separate leg which could be used up to six times before they were exhausted and had to be replaced.

Despite all of these new features and weapon, this Hardsuit Priss only weighed 66.88 kg.

Hardsuit Sylia

As the leader of the Knight Sabers, Sylia wields the most technologically advanced model Hardsuit. Physically, it is the strongest Hardsuit with a strength amplification factor of 9.67 and the most heavily armored one as well. Hardsuit Sylia is designed primarily for precision and maneuverability as Linna and Priss engages the enemy in a frontal assault; she will act to support them from either long or close ranges or function as a close-quarter guard for their electronic warfare specialist Nene, which requires her to be able to highly mobile all over the battlefield at times.

Flight Wings Extended
Flight Wings Extended

This is the reason behind the design philosophy of Hardsuit Sylia and why it boasts the flight backpack with an enlarged rocket nozzle along with a pair of extendible and maneuverable wings mounted with vernier thrusters. This allows Hardsuit Sylia to jump further than any of the other Hardsuit and allows for limited flight capabilities, enabling Sylia to act as aerial support for the Knight Sabers. Hardsuit Sylia can attain a maximum flight speed of approximately 144 kph for very brief periods of time.

Hardsuit Sylia also incorporates a pair of high-intensity laser cannons in the palm of each power manipulator glove. These laser cannons are slightly less powerful than Priss’ singular laser cannon but Sylia’s version has greater effective range and can also serve double-duty to generate a laser burst upon impact. This allows Sylia to punch her target and upon contact—unleash a powerful laser blast at the contact point similar to the Knuckle Bomber used by Hardsuit Linna and the upgraded Hardsuit Priss (although it is slightly less potent than the true Knuckle Bomber).

The armor sleeves of each power manipulator gloves are equipped with a 30m laser-edged sword which swivel-folds out of the armor and can slice or cut through Combat Boomer armor plating much like the Ribbon Cutters. Due to Sylia’s arm strength behind a sword thrust however, they actually have greater cutting force even if they do not have a monomolecular razor edge like the Ribbon Cutters.

These armaments give Sylia comparable destructive capability with either Hardsuit Priss or Linna but is also the bulkiest and heaviest Hardsuit with a total weight of 88.59 kg.

  • Hardsuit Sylia 2033 Upgrade

The new Hardsuit Sylia for 2033 was a full qualitative upgrade along the same lines of Priss’ new Hardsuit. The drastically slimmed armor plating was even tougher than the previous model yet much more form fitting and lighter and allowed the endomusculature to upgraded even further, enhancing the strength amplification by a factor of 10.11.

Otherwise Hardsuit Sylia was a fully optimized concept so that it was unnecessary for it to be redesigned so apart from minor tweaking and adjustments, the majority of the suit was unchanged. It is still the most technically advanced Hardsuit with the broadest range of weapons.

Hardsuit Sylia’s flight backpack was enhanced with improved vernier thrusters for greater flight maneuverability and Sylia could now attain maximum flight speeds of 180 kph.

The output of the pair of high-intensity laser cannons in the power manipulator gloves were further increased for greater range and destructive power and could still be utilized for impact similar to the Knuckle Bomber (although it still was not as powerful).

One of the most major modifications was the new Laser Swords which now slide forward out of the wrist covers to lock into place over the hand. This new design is not only mechanically superior than the previous swivel-folding design which also gave it a vulnerable stress point.

The new Hardsuit Sylia’s total weight is 76.20 kg.

Hardsuit Linna

Built specifically to take advantage of Linna’s acrobatic agility and speed, Hardsuit Linna is the fastest and maneuverable of the suits. Unfortunately, it sacrifices the heavy armor plating for this and is only slightly better armored than Hardsuit Nene. It is the third most powerful suit in raw strength as well, increasing Linna’s strength by a factor of 9.11.

Befitting her role as the close combat specialist of the Knight Sabers, Hardsuit Linna boasts as its primary armament, the Knuckle Bomber; a punching weapon mounted on the right armature which extends a series of shaped-charge caps on impact to create a shaped explosive charge. The Knuckle Bomber is designed to shatter obstacles and breech Boomer armor. Hardsuit Linna has sufficient storage capacity to utilize the explosive caps six times before they were exhausted and had to be replaced.

The right armature also contains three manipulator “fingers” that each contained a miniature laser gun which could fire in tandem or alternate for full auto fire.

It’s most distinctive weapon however are the Ribbon Cutters, a flexible pair of cables mounted at the rear base of the helmet. These cables are actually monomolecular razors that when charged, can slice through the most advanced armor plating with ease. For safety, they can also be deactivated instantly to prevent them from harming the wielder as well. Linna could deploy the Ribbon Cutters by snapping her head quickly.

Hardsuit Linna is the lightest of its generation, weighing only 74.35 kg.

  • Hardsuit Linna 2033 Upgrade

Along with the other upgraded Hardsuits, Hardsuit Linna was significantly improved as well. Extensive combat evaluations and analysis prompted a redesign that favored enhancing her speed and agility over her combat weaponry as Linna’s favored tactics were more hit-and-run. Her strength multiplier of 9.11 remained the same and her armor protection was modestly enhanced with the new slimmer and lighter yet stronger armor, but her back-mounted rocket verniers were replaced with a larger, more robust model to improve her jumping capabilities and for boosting her running and dashing speed making Linna even faster and more agile.

Otherwise, the Knuckle Bomber mounted on the right armature remained unchanged as were the Ribbon Cutters (although these were made retractable for ease of use). The hand manipulators were slightly redesigned with four “fingers” that each contained a laser gun that could fire in tandem or alternate for full auto fire. The laser guns’ output were modestly improved as well.

The new and improved Hardsuit Linna weighs only 65.43 kg.

Hardsuit Nene

Nene's Hardsuit is unlike any of the others as it is designed primarily for support and communications. Often called the "Wild Weasel" of the Hardsuits, this model lacks the offensive weaponry of the other Hardsuits because it simply CANNOT support them. Instead of armaments, it is crammed with bleeding edge electronics gear, wide-spectrum sensor suites, sophisticated computers, and tricked out with a host of communications antenna arrays. Hardsuit Nene is such a power hog that it requires it's own built-in generator just to keep up with the enormous energy demands of her electronic warfare systems.

Hardsuit Nene can scan and deconstruct any man-made object and produce a complete and detailed schematic of it as well as identify any weaknesses it may possess and can transmit this data over a wide variety of communications including radio or laser to orbital satellite platforms if necessary. She can also broadcast jamming screens to interfere with coordinated Boomer teams or AD Police frequencies as well as secretly hack them and monitor such transmissions as well; or counter enemies' electronic warfare, cutting through static jamming or other electronic shielding. She can access and override or reprogram a wide variety of computers due to the advanced computers and hacking programs that this suit also has stored on it as well.

Hardsuit Nene however pays for it's remarkable capabilities as it has the lowest strength amplification capabilities, only boosting her physical strength by a factor of 9.00 and also has the lowest armor plating making her the weakest and most vulnerable members of the Knight Sabers. It's sole armament is a variable-laser beam emitter that is also the smallest and has the lowest destructive output than the other Hardsuits as it is only intended as a last ditch defensive weapon and more useful as a wielding tool or cutting device for slicing through physical locks or protective barriers or casings to allow Nene to gain physical access to internal electronics directly. Nene however more frequently makes use of her laser to scribble graffiti and the Knight Sabers' calling card in concrete.

All of the extraneous electronics and electronic warfare gear make Hardsuit Nene weigh 80.96 kg even though it has little in the way of the endomusculature layers or armor plating.

  • Hardsuit Nene 2033 Upgrade

Like all of the other Knight Sabers, Nene received a significantly upgraded Hardsuit in 2033 that was a qualitative boost in performance and capabilities. Although it was far slimmer than the previous model, it's armor was in fact far superior to the bulkier Hardsuit of old which also led to increased speed and agility. It was also the sole Hardsuit that had received a startling cosmetic alteration with pink, red, and white as it's main colors instead of the former purple and pink hues. Otherwise, her strength enhancement and laser gun were unmodified.

Hot Pink 2033
Hot Pink 2033

As before, Hardsuit Nene is still one of the weakest armors in terms of strength and durability as her main role as the support and communications hub of the Knight Sabers has remained unchanged. The improved Hardsuit now boasts direct feed cables as well as new and improved hacking software. An elaborate cooling device was also installed in the backpack to allow the electronic warfare and computer systems to operate at full efficiency for longer periods of time by speed dumping waste heat. This also allowed for Nene to capable of more rapid movement to prevent her from being a stationary target.

Overall, the slimmed down Hardsuit only weighs 71.25 kg.

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