Haramitai Kanojo Characters

Haramitai Kanojo is an manga series
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Baba is the leader of the Renge Ninja School who trained Shizuku Amano.

Kyoka Rokujo

Kyoka Rokujo is the girlfriend of Surugu who goes to a high class school for all girls.

Mio Narumi

Mio Narumi is an underclassman cheerleader who fell under the spell of Ryo Shindo.

Ryo Shindo

Ryo Shindo was an average student until his ninja girlfriend passed on her ocular abilities to him to see into the hearts of women.

Satsuki Aoi

Satsuki Aoi is a ninja from the Fudou Ninja Army who is after revenge against the Renge Ninja School.

Shizuku Amano

Shizuku Amano is a female ninja from the Renge Ninja School Family who was sent to search for her One in a Million mate to save the clan.

Suguru Matsui

Suguru Matsui is Ryo Shindo best friend in school.

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