Happy is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Happy is an Exceed with the ability to fly. He is also the best friend/companion of Natsu.


Happy is an Exceed from Extalia, located in Edolas. Before Happy's birth, he was taken from his mother and sent to Earthland by the Queen of Extalia as part of a dragon slayer assassination plot. Later, it was revealed to be a lie and that the true reason was to help him and hundreds of other Exceeds escape from a future disaster in Edolas.

Happy's Birth

Happy is born!
Happy is born!

Oddly enough, Happy was born from an egg. When it dropped from the sky, through an Anima, it ended up in a tree to which a young Natsu had found and claimed as his own because he believed, based on the egg's markings, that it was a dragon egg. After him and Lisanna (considered by Happy to be his parents) incubated the egg, it hatched to reveal not a dragon, but a talking blue cat with wings. Once Natsu noticed the changed expressions from anger to happiness on the guild members' faces following the hatching, he decided to name him "Happy". Ever since Happy's birth, both him and Natsu have become inseparable. While a talking, blue cat might otherwise be noticeable, Happy managed to fit in quite well in Fairy tail.


Happy's Spotlight Page
Happy's Spotlight Page

Happy, who is created by Hiro Mashima, is one of the main protagonists of the series Fairy Tail who appears in volume 1 in the manga and episode 1 in the anime. Although he has more of a mascot role, he has nonetheless made some minor (yet important) contributions in battle to aid his friends. According to the creator, Happy was originally going to be named "Freyr" after the Norse God but he decided not to since he thought that it didn't suit Happy's character.

His Japanese voice actress is Rie Kugimiya, and his English voice actress is Tia Ballard.

Character Evolution

"We're not puppets! We are Fairy Tail wizards!"
— Happy, yelling at Nichiya and Nady in episode 83.


Happy makes fun of Lucy
Happy makes fun of Lucy

Despite his small stature and eccentric look, Happy is very loyal to his teammates and fellow guild members and has a fairly large knowledge of the wizard/magic world (more so than Lucy and Natsu). He is also quick witted, cheeky and offers comic relief with his catchphrase "Aye!" He mimics Natsu's gestures and responses and enjoys teasing Lucy about her failed schemes or attempts (such as her sex appeal plans). But overall, he deeply cares for and trusts both Natsu and Lucy very much. In fact, in an interview with the Sorcerer Magazine reporter, he states that the members with whom he has the best relationship are Natsu and Lucy. Happy has also developed a strong affection towards Charle, another Exceed who at first blows him off but then begins to respect him. Lastly, Happy also has an obsessive love for fish and other types of seafood.

Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Happy and Natsu meet Lucy for the first time on their journey. After freeing Lucy from a crafty mage, Happy flies Lucy to safety while Natsu take care of the imposter and his crew. Happy explains to Lucy about Natsu. Once Natsu tore down the town, he, Natsu, and Lucy escape from the police to Fairy Tail.

At Fairy Tail guild, Happy and Lucy witness the regular and chaotic everyday life of the guild until Makarov stops them. Afterwards, Natsu and Happy take on a mission to rescue Maco when Natsu sees Romeo crying for his father. In that rescue mission, Happy explains what Vulcans are to Lucy. Eventually, Happy and his crew rescue Macao and arrive home.

In the Day Break arc, Happy and Natsu forge a team with Lucy Heartphilia to take on a task about burning book called Day Break by infiltrating the Everlue Mansion. Happy does his usual comedy relief and explanation about various things such as the assassin guild during this mission. He accompanies Lucy Heartphilia during her fight with Everlue and Virgo. As the mission is over, Happy, Natsu, and Lucy head home without the reward money since the book is not burned or destroyed due to the book's hidden stories that is dedicated to Kaby.

In the Lullaby Arc, Happy's team gets two more members, Erza and Gray Fullbuster. He and his crew take on Erigor and his guild. After Erigor tricks and trap them in a train station, Natsu and the team defeat his guild. Happy helps his team escape by giving Lucy, Virgo's key. Once the rest of the team escape the wind funnel, Happy flies Natsu, and they reach Erigor.

Natsu fights Erigor and has trouble. When Natsu gets very angry, Happy helps Natsu by insulting him. This causes Natsu's flames to burn violently and draws in the air like a vacuum. Erigor's wind mail breaks down, and Natsu defeats him. Somehow, Natsu asks Happy about what he said, and Happy lies to him.

Galuna Island Arc

Happy steals an S Class mission paper for Natsu.

Phantom Arc

Tower of Heaven Arc

Battle of Fairy Tail Arc

Nirvana Arc

Edolas Arc

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Happy attempts to present fish to Charle which he hopes to impress her. Yet, Charle declines his offer and runs away. Catching to Charle, Charle hurts Happy's feelings when she tells him that he cannot save Natsu. After Charle leaves, Happy finds Gajeel who has scratch marks on his face. Gajeel yells at Happy to shut up when Happy ask him about his face.

Suddenly, Fairy Tail Guild and all of Magnolia gets sucked in by Anima except for Happy, Wendy, Charle, and Natsu. Charle explains what has happened and confess that she and Happy are inhabitants of Edolas sent here to assassinate Wendy and Natsu. However, Charle and Happy did not carry out their programmed order. Happy is stunned when Charle tells Natsu and Wendy to kill them if they betrayed Wendy and Natsu. Happy and Charle soar through the sky while carrying Natsu and Wendy to the remnants of Anima. They have arrive to the exotic world of Edolas.

Powers & Abilities


Happy using Aera to fly
Happy using Aera to fly

This magical ability allows him to sprout wings which gives him the ability to fly and carry people or objects. Although he does have a limit as to the duration of his flight ability, recently, Happy has been able to extend his magic for a longer period of time, as evident in his fight with Natsu against Cobra. Happy is also the only form of "transportation" that Natsu uses which doesn't cause the same crippling motion sickness that other forms of transportation do. Natsu claims that it's because Happy is his friend, not transportation.


Happy's attempted Lucy transformation
Happy's attempted Lucy transformation

Happy also learned, although still very inexperienced, transformation magic following a demonstration by Mirajane. Once Natsu successfully transformed into Lucy, Happy decided to do likewise. Unfortunately, his attempt was a failure, and in Lucy's words, creepy.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rie Kugimiya
Tia Ballard
Rank Game #557 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Happy
Name: ハッピー
Romanji: happī
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime movie: Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
Aliases Male Cat (by Charle)
Cat (by Lucy)
Red Dog (by Sue)
Recent Movies
Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess

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Welcome to Fairy Hills!! (OVA)

This is the first Fairy Tail OVA (OAD) in the franchise.

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Fairy Tail x Rave (OVA)

Fairy Tail x Rave is an OVA adaptation of the manga cross over of Hiro Mashima's works, Fairy Tail and Rave Master.

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