Sket Dance #11 - Happy to Meet You

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/04/2010

Plot Summary

In the Special Broken chapter, Yamanobe asks the Sket Dan to play his video game after Switch fixes it.

In the Happy to Meet You chapter, Sasuke visits Bossun's house for dinner, and he finds out what his parents look like as Akane, Bossun, and Rumi play the family home video tapes.

In chapter 98, Bossun drinks Chuuma's drug that was in a cola bottle by accident. His emotions and facial expressions are mismatched, and Switch and Hime figure out which goes with which since Chuuma needs that information to make an antidote.


Japanese Release Date: January 4, 2010

American Release Date: Unknown.

Chapter 91: Special Broken... - "Kowarete shimatta tokubetsu na..." (壊れてしまった特別な...)

Chapter 92: Charismatic Student Highly Recommends High-level Club Speed-Dating Participation Congratulations - "Karisuma seito ichi oshi no bukatsu ga haireberu gōkon sanka omedetō" (カリスマ生徒イチ押しの部活がハイレベル合コン参加おめでとう)

Chapter 93: Oneesan is Popular? - "Oneesan mo o-ki ni iri?" (おねえさんもお気に入り?)

Chapter 94: Your Wish is My Command, Master - "Nandemo yarimasse goshujin-sama" (なんでもやりまっせご主人様)

Chapter 95: Koma-chan's Problem - "Koma-chan no komari goto" (コマちゃんの困りごと)

Chapter 96: Exciting Exerciste - "Ekisaito ekusasaizu" (エキサイト・エクササイズ)

Chapter 97: Happy to Meet You - "Aite ureshii" (会えて嬉しい)

Chapter 98: Laughing on the Outside - "Kao de waratte kokoro de..." (顔で笑って心で...)

Chapter 99: Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress - "Momoka butai joyū e no michi" (モモカ舞台女優への道)



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