Happy Lesson Characters

Happy Lesson is a franchise comprised of 4 anime series, 1 manga series
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A dog that Kanna and Chitose took care of together.

Chitose Hitotose

Chitose is the Main male character in the series Happy Lesson, who has to cope with life with his five teachers.

Fumitsuki Nanakorobi

The class president of Chitose's class who has a secret crush on him.

Hazuki Yazakura

Chitose and Minazuki's adopted elder sister.

Kanna Togakushi

A highly skilled technician bent on taking over the world and Kisaragi's childhood friend. After meeting Chitose, she immediately develops a crush towards him and has been seeking to 'capture' him using both casual talking and technological force.

Kisaragi Ninomai

She is the science teacher and also one of the mothers of Chitose. An inventor who loves to try her inventions on the boy and also to protect him from her childhood friend Kanna

Minazuki Rokumatsuri

Chitose`s younger sister, not a blood relative. They met each other while at the orphanage.

Mutsuki Ichimonji

Chitose`s homeroom and Japanese classics teacher. Devoted mother who wants to see him get the best grade possible. Will sometimes cry in order to make him study.

Nagatsuki Kuron

A mysterious girl from China who claims to be the rightful child of Mutsuki and is constantly challenging Chitose at every chance possible.

Satsuki Gokajo

The army type P.E teacher known as the bear women. She is violent in her methods of training but underneath all that is a caring mother. Often has arguments with Uzuki the art teacher.

Uzuki Shitenno

The schools art teacher and sometimes mistaken for a child. She is a very happy person and a caring mother.

Yayoi Sanzenin

The school nurse and also a priest. Her devotion to look after Chitose is incredible. Often uses a Katana to scare positive effects out of Chitose.

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