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Happy Happy Clover is about a young bunny named Clover who, with her best friends welcomes a new rabbit named Mallow into there home as they all go on many fun adventures in Crescent Forest.


Happy Happy Clover is a fun and adorable manga created and illustrated by Sayuri Tatsuyama. It beautifully shows the bonds of friendship in a lovable and humorous way. This light manga is perfect for kids because of the cute designs and easy to follow story but also great for teenagers because of the heartwarming stories and endearing characters.

Shogakukan (Japan)                                                                 
VIZ Media (USA)                                                                                                                                                   

Publication History

Happy Happy Clover was originally shown in August 2005. Ciao (a magazine owned by Shogakukan) was the magazine that the manga first appeared in.


The main characters are mostly rabbits and other woodland animals that live in Cresent Forest and attend school together.



Clover is a small white rabbit with peach color tipped ears and big dark blue eyes, she also has a peach patch of fur on her chest that's shaped like a heart and her tail is also peach colored. Clover is the only young girl bunny in Cresent Forest until Mallow comes and when she does Clover is so excited that she takes Mallow "under her wing" right away and the two bunnies become best friends. Although Clover is often seen as the leader among her friends and is very energetic and brave she has been shown to be a little lazy and mischievous, still she remains good-natured and sweet throughout the manga.



Mallow is a small white lop eared bunny with brown eyes and a pink spot that covers half her face and her left ear. Mallow is new to Cresent Forest and is very shy and quiet especially when she first arrives but when Clover becomes her best friend she begins to open up and become friends with everyone. Mallow is sweet and compassionate to all the animals in the forest including Cinnamon and Twirl even though they play pranks on her.



Kale is a dark brown boy rabbit with deep green eyes. Kale is a strong and responsible bunny, he often takes care of his six baby bothers and normally try's to help his friends when they are in trouble. He is best friends with Shallot and Clover but quickly welcomes Mallow as a friend too.



Shallot is light orange colored boy bunny that wears glasses and has a patch of darker orange fur starting at his forehead that goes up to his ears. Shallot is a very smart bunny who is most of the time quiet and is sometimes shy especially around his crush Mallow.



Hickory is a small light grey flying squirrel with blue eyes that lives in the same tree as Clover and has known her since she was born. Hickory is almost always calm and happy, he is often seen exploring the forest and eating acorns or napping.


Professor Hoot

Professor Hoot is an owl that teaches Clover, Kale, Mallow, Shallot and all the other young animals about the history of the forest. Professor Hoot is strict but also very kind and wants all his students to do the best they possible can.


Cinnamon and Twirl

Cinnamon is a orange fox that enjoys tricking Clover and her friends with Twirl. Twirl is a squirrel that has fun with Cinnamon by causing trouble to the other forest creatures.

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English Name Happy Happy Clover
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Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2005
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