Sket Dance #10 - Happy Birthday

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 11/04/2009

Plot Summary

Happy Birthday Arc: A man who looks like Bossun complains about his wallet was stolen. His name is Ryosuke, and when he and Akane go through some odd events, Ryosuke gets the camcorder that he has his eyes. Then, the story shifts to Bossun watching his father's tapes of Akane, Haru, and him in fall of 2009. When Bossun gets curious about his father, he notices something strange and asks Akane about his origins.

After the arc, Bossun and the gang have a festival.

Happy Rebirthday Arc:

Find out by reading Sket Dance volume 10.


Japanese Release Date: November 4, 2009.

American Release Date: Unknown.

Chapter 81: One Guy's Quiet Day Off - "Otoko no odayakana kyūjitsu" (男の穏やかな休日)

Chapter 82: Happy Birthday, Part 1

Chapter 83: Happy Birthday, Part 2

Chapter 84: Happy Birthday, Part 3

Chapter 85: Happy Birthday, Part 4

Chapter 86: Happy Birthday, Part 5

Chapter 87: Happy Rebirthday, Part 1

Chapter 88: Happy Rebirthday, Part 2

Chapter 89: Happy Rebirthday, Part 3

Chapter 90: Happy Rebirthday, Part 4

*There are no Japanese characters for chapters 82-90.


Anime and Manga Differences

This volume's Happy Birthday Arc covers Sket Dance episode 46 and 47.

  • Bossun's birthday is changed. In the manga, he is born in 1992 while it's 1994 for the anime.
  • In the manga version only, Ryosuke is seen defending Haru from bullies at the orphanage when they were young.
  • The anime has placed the events that reveals how Ryosuke and Haru died in the second episode.
  • Scene Altercations: Akane cries on her knees for the manga version. In contrast, she cries while grasping Bossun's arms.
  • Akane confesses to Bossun that she had a crush on Ryosuke. This does not happen in the anime.
  • Ryosuke's Car Accident Scene: In the manga, Ryosuke is seen saving Taisuke for the last time. Compared to the anime, he is not seen getting hit by the car, and only sounds are heard.


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